Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood Resurface, But Sadly Not As a Couple


As I was cruising today I came across consecutive pictures of former OC stars Benjamin McKenzie and Mischa Barton that made me feel nostalgic inside. Marisa-er, Mischa- stars in the new Ashton Kutcher produced show, It’s a Beautiful Life, and Benjamin was promoting his NBC show, Southland, on the WPIX Morning Show yesterday.

Seeing the former teen flames in such close internet proximity of one another made me long for the cancelled FOX drama about the Orange County teens and their parents. How could you forget when Marissa paves the way for the future hot messes of the world when she ODs in Tijuana (which also draws parallels to Serena van der Woodsen’s “Bad Serena” phase with Georgina when they slept with too many older men, did too many drugs, and killed someone) or when Summer dresses up as Superwoman? Or even when Julie Cooper slept with her (high school aged) daughter’s ex boyfriend?

If it weren’t for this iconic show, there never would have been a Laguna Beach (or a Lauren Conrad), which paved the way for The Hills, and in turn The City.