What Was Marilyn Monroe’s Zodiac Sign? The Astrology Behind the Blonde Bombshell, Explained

What Was Marilyn Monroe’s Zodiac Sign? The Astrology Behind the Blonde Bombshell, Explained
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At one point or another, everyone has been curious about Marilyn Monroe. And if you’re trying to delve into the psyche of the blonde bombshell and her mysterious death, the astrology of Marilyn Monroe’s zodiac sign and birth chart are the perfect place to start. After all, astrology is a tool that can be used to gain a stronger sense of clarity about something. It can help you look beyond the surface of what is known about a person and discover secrets that can paint a very surprising picture. When you take a look at what the planets were doing at the moment of someone’s birth, it can reveal the truth of who they *really* are, especially if you know what to look for. And in the case of Marilyn Monroe, you’re in luck, because her birth chart definitely doesn’t disappoint!

She is an enigma to historians, fans, astrologers and everyone who’s been entranced with her effervescent smile. Marilyn’s story has remained a riddle to be solved for decades, because there are still so many unanswered questions surrounding her life. And because her presence was so unforgettable, her charisma still lingers in the collective imagination. Between the release of the juicy Netflix documentary The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes and the recent photos of Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn’s famous diamond-studded nude dress to the 2022 Met Gala, it’s clear that Marilyn Monroe is very much still *in style*. And if you’re currently watching Blonde and obsessing over Ana de Armas’ portrayal of the legendary actress, you have every reason to dive into what her birth chart has to say:

feature What Was Marilyn Monroe’s Zodiac Sign? The Astrology Behind the Blonde Bombshell, Explained


Born on June 1, 1926, at 9:30 a.m. in Los Angeles, California, she has a sun in Gemini, which makes her a clever, witty and Mercurial individual. There were two sides to her: the sex bomb of the silver screen and the ingenious mastermind behind her image that people rarely saw. She also has a moon in Aquarius, which alludes to someone who uses logic over emotion; someone who has a humanitarian heart and stands up for those in need. Often fanatical, someone with their moon in Aquarius fully commits to a cause they believe in. Saving the best for last, Marilyn also has a Leo rising. In astrology, the rising sign—or ascendent—is the first thing that people see when they look at a person. Because the Seven Year Itch-actress is a Leo rising, she was someone who relished the spotlight. There is a lust for fame and acclaim in Marilyn’s chart, as well as a certain flamboyance in her quest for celebrity and stardom.

Marilyn Monroe was a Gemini sun, Leo rising and an Aquarius moon.

Aside from her Hollywood aura, it’s Marilyn’s relationships that continue to be picked apart and discussed. Her moon sign—the celestial body that rules over your emotions—is somewhat detached in Aquarius. However, her moon, coupled with expansive and enthusiastic Jupiter, spread love throughout her seventh house of partnerships and relationships, making her someone who was warm, affectionate, kind and definitely a good friend. Marilyn was someone who had many admirers and lovers, but she was also fiercely loyal.

Marilyn Monroe

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The Astrology of Her Relationships

The one thing she desperately wanted was a proper home life. However, Jupiter’s presence in her relationship sector can signify early or premature marriages. And, everyone knows that her three marriages to James Dougherty ​ ​(m. 1942; div. 1946)​; Joe DiMaggio ​ ​(m. 1954; div 1955), and Arthur Miller ​(m. 1956; div. 1961)​ have been the subject of media scrutiny and conversation decades after her death. With Venus—planet of love—in passionate and impulsive Aries, we can assess that she jumped into romances without thinking of the repercussions of them. Venus also shares a connection with nurturing Chiron in her birth chart, denoting that she helped others heal through the love she gave them. However, people took her heart for granted and rarely returned the affection. 

There were two sides to her: the sex bomb of the silver screen and the ingenious mastermind behind her image that people rarely saw.

The alleged dalliances with brothers Robert and John F. Kennedy can be seen in her twelfth house of secret affairs. Her North Node of Destiny is in her secretive twelfth house, which indicates that she was a very private person with many skeletons in her closet. Transformative Pluto’s close alliance to the North Node alludes to explosive hidden situations dictating the direction of her life. Add in the square to romantic Venus and we can see that she was someone who loved intensely and unconditionally; someone who was open to a taboo form of love. Yes, it’s true—Marilyn was likely drawn to clandestine affairs like a moth to a flame. However, they helped her work out a lot of her personal issues. She suffered heartbreak after heartbreak without ever giving up on love.

Marilyn Monroe

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

The Astrology of Her Acting Career

With flirtatious Venus and sensitive Chiron positioned in her 10th house of career and public image, fame was always in the cards for her. And with acting, she revolutionized the world through her funny and charming performances. It’s apparent that acting was something she did in order to help people understand themselves on a deeper level. However, a career in Hollywood might not have been the only career Marilyn was to have, seen in the presence of transformative Pluto in her eleventh house of hopes and dreams. Had she remained alive, she might have completely revamped her image and achieved something totally unexpected.

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Can Astrology Explain Her Mysterious Death?

And when it comes to her mysterious and untimely death, Marilyn’s chart reveals a multitude of questions that must be answered. Being that Pluto—planet of death—is in a tight aspect with the North Node of Destiny in her spiritual twelfth house, we have to give some weight to the rumors surrounding her death. Pluto can represent a third party involvement in any given situation. Regardless of whether you believe in the conspiracy theories, there’s clearly something we don’t know about the way Marilyn’s earthly life came to an end.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan of the Some Like It Hot actress or you’re merely fascinated by the mystery surrounding her life, Marilyn Monroe shows no signs of fading away! Even 60 years after her passing in 1962, Marilyn continues to be a hot and heavy topic (and her birth chart proves why).

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