OMG: The X-Rays Proving Marilyn Monroe Had Plastic Surgery Sold at Auction for More Than $25,000

Meghan Blalock

News broke last month that Marilyn Monroe had a little help from plastic surgery to help sculpt that iconically beautiful face of hers, and it was proven via medical records and X-rays that show the work she had done. As of yesterday, those very same records and X-rays sold at an auction in Hollywood for $25,600.

marilyn_monroe platic surgery

The X-rays and records were part of Julien’s Auctions’ “Icons and Idols: Hollywood” sale, and they cover Monroe’s private medical history from 1950 to 1962. During that time, she had a chin implant to correct what she perceived to be a “chin deformity,” as well as a “tip rhinoplasty” on her nose. A bit more morbidly, the records also detail Monroe’s painful recovery after experiencing an ectopic pregnancy.

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Also auctioned off: Monroe’s 1952 Redbook Award for Best Young Box Office Personality, and photos of her visiting American soldiers during the Korean War, which went for a combined $62,500. It’s interesting that Monroe continues to be such an alluring figure more than 50 years after her death, making even the most private information about her life and health valuable to collectors.

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