Marilyn Manson, Tim Burton & More Are Named Beautiful People

Jessica Rubin

Jean-Paul Gaultier by Patrick Sarfati, 1985; Marilyn Manson by Kevin Westenberg; Dita Von Teese by Andy Julia

This is one of those exhibits that make us cry and hate our lives because we’re not from Paris. The group show called Beautiful People is dedicated to defining and explaining a “transgressive and alternative beauty” beyond the realm of what is conventionally considered ‘pretty.’

The exhibit is running from December 7th to January 28th at the Galerie Le Cabinet Des Curieux. The name of the show is a tribute to Marilyn Manson, who fits the mold of “alternative beauty” to a “T”. Both the artists and their subjects have created a mesmerizing collection of works, which not only highlight but celebrate cultural icons that are fabricating our contemporary reality.

Scroll down to check out a full list of the Beautiful People included in the exhibit. You can view more information about the exhibit here.

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All images courtesy of Cabinet Curieux.