5 Things Marie Kondo Is Using to Stay Organized in 2022—From Journals to Tech Kits

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5 Things Marie Kondo Is Using to Stay Organized in 2022—From Journals to Tech Kits

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Each year, we make New Year’s resolutions—read more, exercise more, reach out to loved ones more, get out of the house more. The list goes on. It can often feel overwhelming and nearly impossible to conquer all in the 365 days ahead. However, if there’s anything that could help kick off the new year and turn words into actions it’s getting organized. That’s why we spoke with world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo to learn about how to set ourselves up for success in 2022.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

We’ve always wondered what kinds of resolutions the Tidying Queen might have when she’s already so organized. Kondo says that her main goal for 2022 is “to bring joy to even more people’s lives through the KonMari Method.” For a quick refresher, the KonMari Method revolves around guidelines that help you only possess items that spark joy and truly bring meaning and necessity to your life.

What are your New Year’s rituals and traditions?

“First, I write out my goals for the coming year using sumi ink and a brush. This activity is based on the ancient Japanese custom called kakizome,” says Kondo. Next up, Kondo and her family feast on a traditional, symbolic meal (called osechi ryori in Japan) that involves jubako, a set of stacked boxes filled with yummy eats. Perhaps the most surprising tradition is buying new underwear. “This is something that comes from the feng shui idea that what you wear on New Year’s Day will set the tone for the year ahead.”

What tips would you give to someone who’s starting to tidy?

“Don’t hesitate!” Kondo says. “I would recommend you to schedule your time to tidy and give yourself a deadline. ‘Someday’ will never come, unless you put it on your calendar!”

Kondo also recommends organizing your belongings by category and then figuring out which items to keep and which items to give away. “This will allow you to have an accurate grasp of how much actually needs to be stored. This method will then help you evaluate the type of organizing and storage solutions you will need in each particular space,” she says. Her collaboration with The Container Store offers a host of products that can assist in the process. There’s everything from kitchen canisters and hangers to desk organizers and baskets.

She also wants to make it clear that tidying isn’t just something you do here and there. Kondo suggests engaging in a tidying festival that incorporates the practice into everyday life. She put together an eight-week challenge and a 10-lesson digital course to help guide people who are just beginning their tidying journey.

Which home trends are you predicting for 2022?

Kondo believes indoor-outdoor living solutions and home office products will continue to thrive this year. “While I am not an interior designer by trade, I personally gravitate towards designs that are inspired by my other passion, gardening, so nature-inspired and sustainable materials,” she also predicts will be big this year. “In terms of color, I gravitate towards calming colors in soft tones that set the stage for reflection and relaxation.”

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On top of asking Kondo for advice, we of course had to get her top home organizing product recommendations. Below, find five items the organization whiz suggests for embarking on your own tidying festival.

Ixoq Boxi Handwoven Storage Cube KonMari

Photo: Ixoq Boxi.

Ixoq Boxi Handwoven Storage Cube

This simple, versatile basket is made of recycled plastic cord and handmade by artisans in Guatemala. “It’s the ideal storage solution for giving every item a home in your living space, such as throw blankets to children’s toys,” says Kondo.

Bellroy Tech Kit

Photo: Bellroy.

Bellroy Tidy Tech Kit 

For your WFH setup, add in the Tidy Tech Kit to keep all your cords and chargers organized. “Whether you have a home office or work remotely, this kit helps you ‘shut down’ after your 9-to-5 by putting everything in its place after you’re done for the day,” she says.

The Container Store x KonMari Bamboo Hamper With Liner & Lid

Photo: KonMari/The Container Store.

The Container Store x KonMari Bamboo Hamper With Liner & Lid

When asked which home item got the most use in 2021, Kondo answered with this stunning—I mean, stunning—hamper. “With three small children, the answer has to do with laundry! So, I would say the Bamboo Hamper With Liner & Lid was most used in our home.”

The Floral Society Canvas Half-Wall Komono Organizer KonMari

Photo: The Floral Society.

The Floral Society Canvas Half-Wall Komono Organizer

As for the products she thinks will be her most used in 2022, Kondo predicts the Canvas Half-Wall Komono Organizer and Handwoven Storage Cube will be popular picks. Essentially, anything that helps tidy her childrens’ toys and belongings.

Midori Lined Notebook

Photo: Midori.

Midori Lined Japanese Notebook

And last but certainly not least, the stationary that helps Kondo organize her time. “I love the Japanese stationery brand Midori. Their paper is really high quality, and is made from filtered river water and wood pulp, and uses thread binding,” she explains. “Right now I’m using this Lined Journal Notebook from Midori. There is something about using a quality notebook that makes you feel inspired and organized at the same time.”

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