Mariah Carey’s 6 Best Music Video Style Moments Ever

Cady Lang

Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Mariah Carey is one of the great divas of our time. Her enduring career and DGAF attitude has brought us some of life’s most simple pleasures, from infectiously catchy songs to unforgettable prima donna moments.

After all, where would we be every holiday season without “All I Want for Christmas is you?” What would we do when we want to see shade thrown exactly right (against J.Lo, no less)? Will there ever be an MTV Cribs episode that will reach the same gloriously bougie heights as hers? Suffice it to say that the world would be woefully boring place without Mariah and her “moments.”

As Mimi celebrates her 46th birthday, we’re looking back at six of her best, most unapologetically diva-esque music video looks.

Before Taylor Swift pitted herself against, well, herself, in the “You Belong With Me” video, Mariah Carey took girl fight to the next level with her own alter ego in her video for “Heartbreaker.” Not only does MC wreak havoc on a movie theater with her girlfriends after finding out her boyfriend’s cheating on her, but she takes on Bianca (a brunette wig-clad Mariah), the the other woman, in the women’s bathroom — and she does it all while wearing a pink crochet halter crop top, flared hip hugger jeans, and matching pink platform sandals.

While this song technically is longtime Mariah collaborator Jermaine Dupri‘s, Mimi’s fashion moments in the video were too good to pass up. Her looks (ranging from a backless silk slip dress to a spandex two piece skirt set) are basically what every girl wanted to be wearing in the late ’90s — and given the recent ’90s fashion nostalgia, feels exactly like what girls want to be wearing in 2016.

The “Honey” video is cheesy AF, but so what? Mariah plays a secret agent with Bond girl vibes who escapes her assailants while wearing Gucci stilettos, sexy slip dresses, and pleather wet suit (honestly, would you expect anything less from MC, though?)

We Belong Together
In between Mariah’s runaway bride antics, she finds time to sing while rolling around on top of her bed in silk slips and lacy lingerie. For no apparent reason, she sings the chorus in a short white and (0bviously) bedazzled caftan. Bless.

This might be the most low-key look of Mariah Carey’s career — there’s not a single butterfly, sparkle, or fingerless glove in sight. She does, however, make a case for wearing a black crop top hoodie and jean cutoffs as she rides roller coasters, rollerblades, and dances on top of cars at a boardwalk.

Shake It Off
Mariah’s ultimate “Dear John” song would be a gem even if the fashion wasn’t amazingly over-the-top (because, let’s be honest, any video that can work in a legitimate Calgon commercial reference is pretty noteworthy) — however, “Shake It Off” succeeds in the best way possible because Mariah’s fashion is peak Mariah. There are fur-trimmed dresses, silk slip dresses, and early ’00s shades, just to name a few of her fabulous looks. There’s also an unforgettable crusing-in-the-car green screen moment with a tasteful Razr phone product placement and a memorable final look that includes knee-high fur boots and a lace-up two-piece skirt set. This is Mariah’s essence in a video.