Mariah Carey Can Still Rock A Skin Tight Santa Suit!


16 years ago, Mariah Carey gave the world a special gift: a contemporary Christmas song that actually added to the holiday canon. With over 22 million views on YouTube, its a tenacious and catchy number. I mean, who hasnt caught themselves in their bedroom singing along to All I Want For Christmas Is You in their Moms red bathrobe, using a t-shirt to simulate long hair?

Which brings me to my next point back in 94, along with the gift of song, came the gift of image. There she is, poised in a snow bank, back slightly arched, looking like the lovechild of Betty Boop and Kris Kringle in a Santa suit that looks less than warm.

Butterflies, falsies, and Santa suits! Mariah Carey knows that if it aint broke, dont fix it so she dusted off her Kris Kringle suit (and gave it an empire waist) in this years new Christmas release, Oh Santa! Have a look at the videos below, and take a stroll down memory lane either video will do the trick.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Oh Santa!

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