The ‘Bombshell’ Trailer Starring Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron & Nicole Kidman Is Intense As Hell

Aramide Tinubu
Photo: Lionsgate.

Sheesh, this was intense. Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron, and Nicole Kidman’s Bombshell trailer has us on edge–and it’s just a teaser. Based on real-life events–Margot, Charlize, and Nicole play three women who took down Fox News boss Roger Ailes. If you don’t recall–back in 2016, several women at Fox News accused Ailes of sexual harassment which ultimately led to him resigning from Fox News.

In Bombshell–Charlize and Nicole star as real-life anchors Megan Kelly and Gretchen Carlson respectively. Margot portrays Kayla Pospisil— a fictional associate producer. The teaser depicts all three of the women with worried faces, standing in an elevator. At one point, Nicole who portrays Gretchen Carlson says, “It’s hot in here.”

The words in the teaser trailer read, “Based on a real scandal what started with a whisper will end with a bombshell.” Truly it’s like being stuck in your very own bubble of anxiety.

The movie serves as an almost-companion piece to Showtime’s Loudest Voice In The Roomwhich also took a deep dive into Ailes sexual misconduct scandal. Already– folks are freaking out by how much Charlize looks like Megan Kelly. One user said, “My biggest take away from the Bombshell trailer is that Charlize Theron looks very much like Megyn Kelly.” Another said, “Charlize Theron looks so much like Megan Kelly in that #Bombshell trailer, that it’s a little unnerving.”

Bombshell is set to hit theaters this December and you can look forward to seeing John Lithgow play Ailes. We definitely think this will be an Oscar contender.

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