Your March Horoscope: Will Things Change Post-Retrograde?

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Salutations, sweet signs. Another month, another horoscope, another full-moon cycle of me binging a new TV series only to fall asleep on the couch during the season finale. I digress! We’re somehow three months into the new year, and your March 2020 horoscope is here and ready to guide you.

Given that Mercury doesn’t go direct until March 10th, you might be dealing with issues at work, personal drama, and ~financial woes~ for the first third of the month. On March 20th, we experience the spring equinox, which should hopefully bring in more stability and grounding experiences, as well as encourage new growth and relationships. During this period of change, it’s key to focus on the importance of your own efforts. Patience and acceptance have their place, but right now, your focus should be on the aspects of your life that you can control. There’s no secret formula for avoiding the hard work required to heal, to build a career or to maintain a relationship. In their own ways, these periods will challenge you. That’s simply unavoidable, and the sooner you can accept the work that needs to be done in your life, the sooner you can make those changes and thrive, baby!

This month, keep in mind that even with effort and the best intentions of ‘doing everything right’, results aren’t guaranteed. As much as we would like one, there is no ultimate Life Hack to bypass struggle and suffering. We need both to grow and keep us aligned with our path and our intentions. The more we cling to happiness and try to shut out pain, the more pain we ultimately bring onto ourselves. At times you may end up disappointed, or disappoint your friends and family, but these are all signs of a life well-lived. Like, what’s the point if some tight-lipped family member DOESN’T question your life choices at a family gathering? For me, it’s a litmus test to see if I’m losing my edge. Disappointment can be savory if you give it time to cure.

One last thing—remember, your old patterns do not determine your new ones. So let us venture forth, through the retrograde and beyond, and do the work of creating ourselves for the thrill of it. Read on for each sign’s horoscope this month.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs' Dating Faux Pas


Your solution-oriented nature is a blessing—until it isn’t. You simply can’t fix everything, Aries. For example, feelings are not things to be fixed. And neither are other people’s problems that you can’t control. Practice empathy and listening this month, to others and above all, to yourself. When you aren’t constantly attempting to change situations to fit your expectations, you might just find some things don’t require fixing at all.

STYLECASTER | Zodiac Signs' Dating Faux Pas


Forgiveness is a powerful and necessary step for healing, but it’s not just about the words you say. True forgiveness means letting yourself feel unpleasant emotions like anger and sadness, in order to fully process them and be able to let go. Use forgiveness as a lesson, an opportunity for you to relearn your boundaries and responsibly protect your heart from jerks, emotional vampires, or the well-meaning people in your life who just made some mistakes.

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Your flippant and fun-loving nature will not serve you as much as trust and focus this month will, dear Gemini. Focus doesn’t come easily, and this is where the work comes in. That enormous To Do list? Narrow it down to the essentials. The multitude of plans you’ve been making? Don’t overcommit yourself. This is your time to say no to what isn’t completely crucial to your well-being, so that you can say yes to the things that are.

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In nature, defense mechanisms make sense. A porcupine has quills to protect its soft skin—reptiles have a second eyelid to prevent dust and debris from getting inside, etc. But human defense mechanisms are a little more bizarre: denial, acting out, blaming others for our actions. We engage in behaviors that do the very opposite of what we want—to protect ourselves. This March, look at how you keep yourself ‘safe’. Evaluate your methods and adjust as needed.

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While I’ll preach the benefits of mindfulness until I am dead and buried, it’s not a bad thing to visualize your future and plan for it. Leo, this season change will present a great opportunity for you to make positive changes in your life, and confirm that you’re living according to your values.

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Image is something that we all focus on, consciously or not. This month, you may find yourself more preoccupied with image than usual, and that’s ok. But remember that aesthetics and fashion are just one facet of who you really are: someone who does not fit in perfectly with their Instagram theme. Hey, that’s okay! Let your image reflect the love and joy inside you. You are so much more than the sum of your seeable parts.

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The most significant rejection you will ever experience won’t come from another person—it will come from yourself. Every sign self-rejects; it’s part of being a socially-aware human. Even with your charisma and intelligence, you constantly question yourself—Do people like me? Does my boss think I’m incompetent? etc. There’s nothing wrong with protecting your heart, or being a private person. And there’s no need for you to perform the emotional labor of rejecting yourself before you’ve even fully put the request into word. Think positive thoughts, Libra.

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Post-retrograde may still have a few surprises for you, Scorpio. Err on the side of kindness, and wait at least one full 24-hour day before making any big decisions. Your persistence will pay off this season—if not now, then sometime during spring. I promise! Continue on in your path, making adjustments and staying the course. Even if you don’t feel like anything is happening, forward motion is occurring right beneath the surface.

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This March may have you yearning for a new direction in life the way I yearn for macaroni and cheese every night after 8:00PM. If most days leave you feeling unsatisfied, wanting more, and ready to scream into the abyss, you might need a major life change. Of course, there are some things we can change, and some we can’t. This month, focus on what immediate steps you can take to move in a positive new direction to bring more fulfillment into your life.

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There will never be enough money or stability or recognition to make you completely happy, Capricorn. These are just one fraction of life that can bring meaning to your days and help you feel secure in your identity and work. But you also need connection and vulnerability. As the season changes, avoid the temptation of looking outward for growth that can be measured and consumed (promotions, vacations, etc.) and turn inward instead. Are you connecting with others in ways that make you feel energized and seen? And, just as important—are you connecting with yourself?

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It’s not in your nature to rush, which is a great trait others could definitely use more of. But this month, try to jumpstart and maintain the momentum of the equinox with movement, whether that be through exercise or through some other avenue. Embracing movement will help you push out stagnation and welcome in a new era of your life. Enjoy it! Take a self-defense class and go ham. Just…flow.

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Don’t overthink it, Pisces. Your intellect can only go so far. Don’t play psychologist or detective with others; it’s a waste of your energy and will have you questioning your own intentions and behaviors. Speak plainly and with your heart, and find acceptance in the understanding that you will not always have the right answers, or receive the apologies you deserve, or find closure with people who have hurt you. Take a deep breath, and move on.