Marc We Love You, But Get Married Already!


Back in April, it was reported that Marc Jacobs had set the date with soon-to-be-hubby Lorenzo Martone for June. Then, in June, it was reported that it was only “a matter of days” until the couple would walk down the aisle in Provincetown, Mass.

We won’t even bother to mention all the rumors that swirled with falsities that the couple had already secretly tied the knot. Now, Jacobs has gone and messed with our heads yet again by dishing to The Cut that he and Martone will get married “soon.” Whatever that means.

We’ve been getting all riled up for another big fashion affair to take place–just think of the guest list! Unfortunately, however, our dreams have been shattered, as Jacobs recently revealed that he and his lover will be the only two attendees at the soiree.

As much as we love Marc and the genius that he is, we’re getting a bit tired of this wedding hype merry-go-round. It’s making us a little dizzy. And for someone who seems to want the details kept very secret, he’s attracting quite the amount of attention by dragging it on this long. Maybe it isn’t Marc’s fault, though. After all, fashion week is on the horizon and the stress of his upcoming shows could be foiling the wedding plans. Which might explain why Marc had some not so nice things to say about fashion week recently.