Marc Jacobs SS11 Ads Are Out: 70s And Starburst

Kerry Pieri

It’s less the camel-on-denim-high-waisted-Parisian-beauty-going-to-work-in-1972 that Celine, Chlo and Stella mined for Spring 2011. Nope, we’re in the pink and orange world of Marc’s Me Decade now. Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Masha Kirsanova work the colors of our favorite Starburst in enough satin for California King sheets in the Marc Jacobs SS11 ads, shot by Juergen Teller (bien sur).

With straw hats, feathered neck accoutrement, and these two from the under 20 set looking like they could be chilling off the coast of Monaco circa ’76, or playing a baby prostie with Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, it’s a fun trip back in time.

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