Marc Jacobs Spills All To Vogue About Family Issues And Dior

Liz Doupnik

We don’t know about you, but we were all pretty excited by the idea of Marc Jacobs hopping over to Christian Dior. With his eye for modern opulence, we figured it would be a natural transition for the multi-tasking talented designer.

Then, we were seriously bummed when the news broke that the courtship had ended just as quickly as it started. Finally, a typically close-lipped Jacobs opened up to Vogue about the opportunity, amongst other juicy topics (think ex-boyfriend and mom issues).

Apparently, Jacobs thinks that couture, which would have been a requirement at Dior, is not only outdated, but inaccessible duh. We have to admit, we’re pretty impressed with Jacobs’ down-to-earth attitude as he continues to discuss that he’s satisfied with his life as is. I mean, if we were leading the way with three major lines, we would be pretty satisfied too. Seems like Marc should be giving zen-lessons on the side or perhaps write a book for some of fashion’s ‘larger’ personalities.

Photo courtesy of Sipa.