What Does Marc Jacobs Eat During Fashion Week? His Personal Chef Fills Us In

Meghan Blalock

With New York Fashion Week three days away, there’s a lot on the minds of all its participants, including what to wear, how to get into shows, which parties are the best, and whether fashion bloggers really won’t be invited this season. And with designers, stylists, editors, and other fashion industry folks about to kick off their busiest time of year, we also have to wonder: When do they find time to eat—and when they do, what’s their meal of choice?

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To that end, we caught up with Lauren Gerrie, Marc Jacobs‘ personal chefwho spilled the beans on what the normally squeaky-clean Jacobs likes to nosh on during Fashion Week. And here’s a hint: it ain’t healthy.

“Junk food,” Gerrie says bluntly when we ask her about Marc’s Fashion Week meals. “Usually he eats junk food. His design team is such a great group of people, and they’re spending hours on hours together, so they’re eating and ordering a lot together. He predominantly goes for plain burgers, well-done, or Chinese food.”

Fashion Week notwithstanding, Marc traditionally sticks to a gluten-free, vegetable-heavy diet—which he switched to about 10 years ago after he suffered from a severe case of Colitis. But Gerrie says that, while she does try to provide him with healthy meals to eat, she also doesn’t scold him when he strays from that path.

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“I let him do what he wants,” she said. “I’m a private chef and I’m there to make sure he’s as comfy and as healthy as he wants [to be], but I think everybody deserves to have junk food and indulge. If he’s going to order Chinese food, he’s just going to, [no matter what I say]. Life is way too f—ing short to not enjoy food!”

We couldn’t agree more!

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