Marc Jacobs Designs Playboy T-Shirts

Marc Jacobs Designs Playboy T-Shirts
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If you’re guilty of sporting the Playboy “costume” (aka public lingerie plus rabbit ears) at Halloweens past, then here’s something that’ll cater to your inner bunny minus the skimp. Marc Jacobs designed three limited edition $35 t-shirts featuring none other than the Playboy icon.

All the shirts’ proceeds go to Designers Against AIDs, and you can find them at his Marc by Marc Jacobs boutique down on Bleecker street. The shirts are part of Jacobs’ week long store homage to Playboy, which includes a window display starring two actual Playboy bunnies and is inspired by the book Hugh Hefners Playboy, 6 Volumes now available across the street at Bookmarc, Jacobs’ book store. Stop by to get your hands on the shirt, but please don’t bring out your old costume; it’s better left to Hugh Hefner’s leading ladies, who’ll be there posing for pictures with customers.

(Photos via Selectism)

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