Marc Hearts Madonna


We heard the rumors about Madonna appearing in the Spring 09 Louis Vuitton ad campaigns but honestly, we did not expect it to be THIS good. In the newly released images on WWD today, Madonna looks crazy fierce (I never use that word in fear of sounding like that girl but, it is only fitting when talking about Madge). 

The campaign was shot in one of my favorite LA bistro’s, Figaro. The smoky images are meant to evoke the feeling of a French bistro and frankly, this could not have been a more perfect backdrop. The atmosphere feels so dreamy and not overly manicured. 

WWD reports that Marc Jacobs tapped out a message to Madonna on his BlackBerry, and within about five minutes came the reply: “I’d love to.” They lived happily ever after and we get to stare at the gorgeous images in all of our favorite glossies come February.


Louis Vuitton Spring 09

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