Mara Hoffman: ‘I Think My Clothes Have the Power to Make Somebody Feel Awesome’

Meghan Blalock

It’s no big secret that Mara Hoffman loves a wild print and a color scheme. And for her Spring 2014 collection, presented this morning at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week, the designer claims she and her team stuck to that theme in way that was more fearless than ever.

See what she had to say about the line, her Fashion Week diet, and how she keeps calm amongst all the stress of the fashion industry.

StyleCaster: We know you love a print. What’s different about this collection?
Mara Hoffman: I think that we just brought full force, if that makes sense. We are not holding back. It’s an evolution of what we do best. And it’s really capturing  [the idea that] fortune favors the bold. And we brought it.

Was there a specific location that inspired the look of this collection or that you wanted to capture?
Every season there’s usually a location or a place that inspires us, it’s very travel-inspired. There’s definitely some South American references in here, but the inspiration became more of trying to capture a feeling: positivity, light, happiness, and prosperity. I feel it’s my job to do that, beyond being a fashion designer. Trying to bring happiness, make people feel good. I want people to feel good when they see these clothes, and moreso when they wear them. I want them to feel confident and inspired, and that they’re special.

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How do you like to see women wear your designs?
You know, when someone rocks it with love and confidence, and puts her own spin on it, I’m honored and feel like that’s so cool. To fall in love, that’s a good way to see it.

So how would you define the Mara Hoffman woman?
I think she’s diverse, and I think that’s another aspect of this collection that I’m trying to get across, celebrating a rainbow in that diversity. She spans ages, I know young women for whom we’re an aspirational brand for her, and she loves the feeling and aesthetic, and she’s growing up through [our clothes] a little bit; and then I know older women for whom it speaks their language too. Honestly, she’s somebody who is a little bit fearless and likes to be noticed. She’s not necessarily a wallflower.

Do you feel like your clothes can transform a wallflower into a non-wallflower?
I think they have the power to make somebody feel awesome, and like, ‘Oh my God, I got so many compliments in that dress! Whenever I wear my Mara Hoffman, I get a hundred compliments.’ And I love that. That’s like a gift to give somebody! Who doesn’t want that?

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How do you keep calm during the stress of Fashion Week?
I’m a meditater. I do Vedic meditation. I keep perspective on what’s worth freaking out about and what isn’t. I think it’s keeping perspective, keeping the bigger picture alive, because when you get caught up in the little stuff, it drowns you; and nothing’s really that important to scare you or freak you out.

How do you stay fit?
I have a really high metabolism. I was a yogi and a ballerina for many years, but now I chase a 2-year-old. I wish I was exercising for a better state of being, but right now I’m not doing anything.

And what’s your Fashion Week diet like?
I’m pretty healthy. I drink a lot of green juices, I’m a soy latte addict. I avoid dairy. I stay kinda chill on the gluten, but I still eat it. There’s nothing I don’t eat. I eat meat, I eat everything, I’m into food. I keep it healthy for the most part, but there’s going to be that occasional hot dog that I eat.