The Manzie Report: Milan Fashion Week Roundup


The competition is fierce between New York, Paris, London, and Milan for “most important Fashion Week.” It is an ever evolving process as to which city owns the top spot; surely Paris has to be the most influential, due to its rich history and deep fashion roots. That plus the perception that if you can make it there you can make it anywhere. Yes, New York thinks that phrase only pertains to a New York state of mind. But I am here to tell you, that ain’t true…especially in reference to fashion. New York has been trying to hold on for dear life for that second slot, but it’s time to let go. Milan sits comfortably there; Italians are extremely proud people. But for the master houses alone like Gucci and Prada…they rule…but from the second tier.

New York, I know, it’s not what you want to hear…but you come in third. Yes, you do. When Fern Mallis was at the helm of the CFDA and helped to prove that American fashion was a force to be reckoned with, yes…New York had its moment in the sun. When Calvin Klein was still designing his collection, Geoffrey Beene and Halston were alive and fashion was not yet reduced to “an anybody can become a designer”…thank you Bravo network. Sorry, the flood gates that opened at New York Fashion Week dilutes our message and the strength of “American sportswear”…that which created the buzz in the first place. And lastly, we have London. A great city, great for shopping, but somehow, the overall industry is more quirky than beyond. Sure there are standouts…but the overall picture…well…there’s my list and I am sticking to it.

Milan had a great season. Here with are my best and worst of Milan Fashion Week. Let me start with Alberta Ferretti. I loved what she did in Milan and hated what she showed in New York. So, Alberta dear…get out of New York and stay where you belong…with your proud group of fierce Italians. New York does not need any more filler schmatehs. Lord knows we have to edit out a good 100 American companies as it goes.


Albino D’Amato said he was inspired by photographs of his grandmother on safari in the twenties. Rather…he was inspired by his grandmother’s couch…who was a fat Goumada Jenny.


Overall, the Bottega Veneta colletion was relaxed and chic. Two snaps up Thomas Meier.


Look at what it says on the Just Cavalli dress. Are you breching? I sure am.


I will end on a high note…Versace I think Donatella’s brother would be proud. It was energetic, sexy and the use of archival prints gave the Versace collection a warm glow. You go, girl.


Love, love, loved Gucci.

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