Mango Clothing Inks Deal with Moises de la Renta


What could possibly be the outcome of couture and medium-priced sportswear? Word has it that Oscar de la Renta‘s son, Moises, has signed a clothing line deal with Mango. Moises currently already has his own clothing line, MDLR, which is comprised of sheath dresses, one of which Michelle Obama wore to a White House function.

Moises was born in the Dominican Republic, and was adopted by good old Oscar in 1984 after he was abandoned by his birth parents. His son has worked as his father’s assistant, as well as having worked for urban brand Phat Farm.

The collaboration should be very interesting, as Moises is known for loving the party scene as well as beautiful women (he dated socialite Genevieve Jones for quite a while). Can we expect a little classic de la Renta flavor or something totally new for Mango soon?