This Theory About The Darksaber On ‘The Mandalorian’ Brings Us Even Closer To Finding A Jedi

Moff Gideon/The Mandalorian
Photo: Lucasfilm.

If you’re a real Star Wars buff, chances are you clocked this important item featured in last week’s season finale of The Mandalorian. Already, fans started putting things together for the Mandalorian season 2’s darksaber theory. Being that we’re all already starved for updates on Baby Yoda and Mando, this deep dive into all things weaponry might just have to suffice for now. That said, we promise it’s worth it—after all, we might’ve just found ourselves closer to understanding who the next Jedi is because of it.

But first, what is this “darksaber” we’re talking about? Well, I’d let to direct you—yet you should be warned that spoilers for the first season of The Mandalorian, and other Star Wars lore, are about to follow. If that’s all right with you, let’s jump in.

Remember that terribly gothic, absolutely threatening weapon wielded by Moff Gideon during The Mandalorian‘s season finale? Yeah, that’s the darksaber. A fitting name for it; and it may even be a familiar one for fans at that. Turns out, the darksaber made its appearance in some of Star Wars’ animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels in the past. And if you’ve watched either cartoon, you know that this weapon actually has a connection to the people of Mandalore. Yep, as in the creed our very own Mando has sworn his life to.

Legend has it, the black-bladed lightsaber belonged to the very first Mandalorian inducted into the Jedi temple back in 1019 BBY. His name was Tarre Vizsla, and he created the darksaber as a symbol of his house—carrying it with him as he later went on to rule the planet of Mandalore altogether.

But if the darksaber was created by a Mandalorian, how the hell did Moff Gideon get his hands on it? Well, some are convinced he must’ve gained possession of the weapon during the massacre of Mandalore, something alluded to in last week’s episode by Mando as “The Night Of A Thousand Tears.” This seems like the only plausible explanation, given that the darksaber was first otherwise held under the protection of the Jedi order until the Mandalore people came to claim it (and if we’re going by the timeline issued by Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it did get grabbed up by The Sith—but was still reclaimed into its rightful possession by a female Mandalorian, Sabine Wren.)

Already, Mando has claimed the Moff Gideon could only know his real name if it meant he was at the massacre. And Cara Dune is convinced he’s a war criminal. It’s all adding up to be that Gideon was responsible for the Mandalore massacre in the first place, claiming the darksaber from Mando’s people as his own.

But if Baby Yoda is around and the first person to wield the darksaber was another Mandalorian with The Force—perhaps our next Jedi is right in front of us to save the day. Could it be Mando? Will he be the next owner of the darksaber? We’ll just have to wait and see until season 2 rolls along.