The Man Repeller’s Mom Is Launching a Fine Jewelry Line

Meghan Blalock

man repeller mom

What do you do when you have a really famous fashion blogger for a daughter? If you’re Laura Medine, mother to Man Repeller Leandra, you found your own fine jewelry line, that’s what!

Mama Repeller actually launched her eponymous jewelry line in June at the JCK Trade Show in Las Vegas, but today marks the day it’s available to the general public. The Medine family as a whole are no strangers to the jewelry biz— Leandra’s father Mois is the owner of Henry Alexandrite Jewelry Collection, and her brother Haim also recently launched his own collection of “edgy” baubles called Khai Khai. And since Leandra herself virtually coined the term “arm party,” it all seems to make perfect sense.

laura medine jewelry 1

laura medine jewelry 2

“When I am designing, I have a woman much like myself in mind; someone who is just becoming a mother and raising her young family, a woman who is overly immersed in her career, an adventurous woman looking to travel the world and experience the beauties of life and what it has to offer,” Laura Medine said in a statement. “The key ingredient to the success of my designs is that I strive to craft jewelry that is practical, elegant and fashionable all at once.”

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While it might seem like everyone in the Medine clan is taking full advantage of the Man Repeller’s popularity (smartly!), the jewels are quite chic. Take a peek above and below, and let us know your thoughts!

laura medine jewelry 3

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