Does your man need a style upgrade? Professional "Life Stylist" and fashion expert Jared Matthew Weiss walks you through the 5 accessories every man should have.

Man Proper: It’s All About The Accessories

Jared Matthew Weiss

Have you ever had a guy friend in your life that makes you want to laugh and punch him in the arm both at the same time? Meet Jared Matthew Weiss, resident “Life Stylist” expert and a know-it-all when it comes to men’s fashion. When he’s not doling out personal advice to his clients all around the country, he’s usually bugging us to give the boys out there a little love via helpful tips on how to look as good as their female counterparts.

And while we’re inclined to say a great haircut and a pair of shoes had us at hello, Jared thinks men’s style basics should go way beyond that to include everything from underwear to a classy pair of socks. On a budget? Ready for an upgrade?  No worries — Jared’s got your back and then some.

Check out the slideshow above for his take on what you need to buy ASAP, then cruise on over to his site to find out how you can get even MORE help from a dude who dresses nice, loves his dog and has spent almost as much quality time with Tim Gunn as Heidi Klum herself.

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