The 10 Best Celebrity Man Buns Of All Time

Sarah Barnes

David Bechkam has done it for years, Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Hemsworth are enthusiasts, and Jared Leto is the latest celebrity to rock the unkempt man bun.

In no way is the man bun a new trend. It’s been around for years and been done by everyone from surfer dudes to soccer players. Yet, when we saw Leto walk the red carpet at the 2014 Golden Globes with a top knot, we asked ourselves: Is this trend sweeping Hollywood sexy or silly? After some careful consideration, we’ve decided there’s something highly sexy about the nonchalance of an imperfect man bun.

That said, we compiled 10 of the most significant man buns of all time, so take a look and let us know: Are you a fan?

Oh, and in case any of you guys are skeptical, even Vaughn Acord, grooming gtylist to the stars, approves.

“The man-bun is a real statement maker; it oozes confidence and shows character,” he says. “But, don’t confuse it with a ponytail – the man-bun is definitely manlier; think samurai. It also frames the face, allowing chiseled features to stand out. And, it is best paired with a beard.”