Meet Mallzee, the New Shopping App Every Fast-Fashion Addict Needs

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Fast-fashion obsessives, there’s a new app that just might change your life—or at least the way you shop online: Meet Mallzee.

What’s so ingenious about the platform—which, FYI, has just been name-checked by Apple as one best new apps to download—is that it takes the familiar swiping mechanism of Tinder and applies it to a shopping gallery filled with thousands of fast-fashion brands, including everyone’s go-to favorites like Zara, H&M, Topshop, Uniqlo, River Island, and Forever 21. If you love something, you swipe right to save it or shop it. Not so into it? Simply swipe left to see the next option.

If the thought of sifting through a seemingly endless gallery of clothing exhausts and overwhelms you, Mallzee has a clever feature that makes curating your picks less of a production. Called “Style Feeds,” the function helps users create a stream filled with the exact types of pieces they want, from the stores they actually shop. The feed’s then refreshed daily with new items that fit the user’s preferences. Clever!

With the app launching in America this week, we spoke to its founder, Cally Russell, to find out how Mallzee’s redefining the future of fast-fashion shopping.

What are three features every new Mallzee user should try?
First, “Style Feeds” –this is easily the most personal way to shop. You can build feeds for any occasion and have them fit your own style. They make finding the perfect purchase insanely easy, and also update every day to make sure you always have fresh clothes to discover.

“Price Drop Notification” sends an instant notifications when anything you liked drops in price, as well as making sure you know about the best sales around. Also, our Tinder-style swiping mechanism is so addictive. Our users now swipe over 100 products every session on average–a lot more swiping than Tinder itself!

Mallzee AppPhoto: Mallzee

How did you come up with the idea for Mallzee?
The idea came about from trying to shop on mobile and failing miserably. Most people spend more time on their phone than on their computer and more and more people are shopping, or at least trying to, from their mobile. We set out to build something that made it really easy to find fantastic clothes on your phone from all your favorite retailers and buy them quickly. I think we’ve now succeeded with making shopping on mobile painless with Mallzee.

What were you doing before you launched Mallzee?
I used to work at a big PR and marketing company. I loved it but I’ve always wanted to do my own thing, so when this opportunity arose I just had to grab it. When you see the success of some app companies now, there should be no surprise that more and more people want to start their own business.

How will you be promoting the app?
We work with a range of influencers from street style stars and celebrity stylists to leading bloggers, and have them work with our own team of stylists to create the most amazing trending section of content to inspire users.

How will you tailor Mallzee to a U.S. customer?
We’ve added a pile of great new retailers and mixed them with some of our favorites from across Europe. We’ve also made the app faster, smarter, and added our fantastic “trending” section.

What brands are most popular on the U.S. app?
So far Pacsun, River Island, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 have all gone down really well. We find that the retailers that are most popular are the ones that people can just dip in and out of.