Our New Favorite Blog Compares Hot Male Models To Cats

Julie Gerstein


We love male models almost as much as we love cats. In fact, our love for hot dudes is probably proportional to our love for our furry, cuddly friends. So imagine our delight at discovering the blog Des Hommes et Des Chatons, a blog aimed at uncovering the hidden links between extremely hot dudes and extremely cute cats.

Witness, here, three male models enjoying a flirtatious tête-à-tête, and three cat buddies locked in a similar pose (tongues out and everything):


Both cats and male models enjoy cooling off after a long day of stressful modeling/lazing about like a wastrel.


And finally:

tumblr mvqpyu08y81s77zr6o1 1280 Our New Favorite Blog Compares Hot Male Models To Cats

Cats and models both enjoy letting it all hang out. Which is why we love them both so much.