Making It Lovely: A Blogger’s View

Making It Lovely: A Blogger’s View
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The color pink is just one of those colors. It can go from pretty and sophisticated to an unpleasant Pepto Bismol with just a mere change of pigment.

Nicole Balch, the creative mind behind the uber-popular design blog Making It Lovely, has taken pink to an exciting and bewitching new level. Balch, who also owns a stationery business namedwhat else?Pink Loves Brown, started her blog in 2007 when she and her husband Brandon bought what she calls a so-so house in Oak Park, IL. Since then, with her husbands utmost trust and approval, Balch has taken her readers through her various home improvement endeavors. The color pink is incorporated into nearly every room. She also always infuses a feminine accent into her redecorationsfloral wallpaper, floaty curtains, or ’60s-style house wares.

Balch originally launched her blog as a way to involve her mother-in-law in Iowa in her family’s home-making process. But it wasnt too long before it became a huge hit. Lexi Green, a regular contributor to The Inside Source, eBays digital style magazine, <a rel="nofollow" href="; target=”_blank”>caught up with Balch to hear about her design inspirations, blog endeavors, and why she came to love the color pink so much.

The Inside Source: Could you tell us: Why the obsession with pink?
Nicole Balch: Its funny because I hated pink when I was younger! I dressed in all black and I wore combat boots. Black was cool and pink was awful. And then I grew to love the color and I think I use the color in the way that doesnt say baby pink or overly girly. Because pink is a hard color and it can easily go wrong.

TIS: You definitely infuse a great feminine feel without going over-the-top. How would you describe your aesthetic?
NB: Definitely feminine, but not too girly. I love color and pattern. I love mixing the mid-century vintage with whats new.

TIS: And your husband, Brandonhe is OK with all of the pink?
NB: Yes! He has been great about it. He thinks it all looks great. He trusts me to put things together and make it work.

TIS: You have done so much with your house since you started. Do you really feel it was that bad when you first moved in?
NB: Yes! It had all white walls, really bad natural wood trim, and bad lighting fixtures. Everything was pretty horrid.

TIS: What has been your favorite project so far?
NB: I think my favorite spot to re-do was the library upstairs. It is really just a landing at the top of the stairs and it was such a bizarre and awkwardly laid out space. But it is a big space; bigger than our bedroom. Not utilizing that area for anything felt like such a waste. My husband and I met at a bookstore, where, combined, we worked for a total of 15 or 16 years. So, we had a lot of books! The library is definitely functional and beautiful and that is by far my favorite part of our house.

TIS: What would you say is one of your favorite design pieces in your house?
NB: The pink Madeline Weinrib zigzag rug in our living room!

TIS: Name one design tool you cant live without:
NB: Photoshop! I love to put things together with Photoshop before I put them together in real life. It lets me see how things might look together.

TIS: Who are your biggest design inspirations?
NB: I love Jonathan Adler because everything he does is so happy. Happy and colorful. I also love David Hicks because he uses great patterns.

TIS: Do you ever use eBay to help you with your home designs or inspiration?
NB: eBay is great because I can have a random design-related idea pop into my head and go search for it on eBay. Like the other day, I got myself this big giant mug of hot chocolate and then I felt like I needed a big giant spoon to go with it. It was eBay to the rescue to help me find a series of long spoons!

Meredith Barnett is the Editorial Director for The Inside Source, a digital style magazine presented by eBay. The Inside Source writer Lexi Green authored this article in its original form. Click here to read it in full and to check out Balchs eBay picks.

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