The Strange Trick to Make Your Nose Appear Smaller with Makeup

The Strange Trick to Make Your Nose Appear Smaller with Makeup
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Model Jasmine Sanders broke it down in a new YouTube tutorial, showing her followers exactly how she achieves the makeup look known as “Golden Barbie.” ICYMI, Sanders uses the moniker on her social media platforms, and apparently a golden Barbie has a small nose, because one of the highly coveted secrets that she divulged was how to make your nose appear smaller. (Ed. note: We like a big nose, but if you’re mad at your nose and want to contour it, be our guest.)

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While getting ready for the beach (problematic in its own right, but—again, if you want to wear makeup to the beach, don’t let us stop you), Sanders revealed that a small brush—or, if you only have a large powder brush, you can pinch it to make it long and thin—works wonders to “lift” the nose. “Putting a little bit here will just lift your nose the tiniest bit,” she said, contouring her nose.

Sanders disclosed a ton of other makeup secrets in the Vogue video—you can definitely pick up a trick or two from the vid, whether you’re planning to go to the beach any time soon or not. How to use a web of lip liner to make your mouth look “a little fuller”? Yes, please.

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