Madonna’s Daughter Dresses Up “Like a Virgin?”


Who is this child who looks remarkably like Madonna circa 1984, you ask? We’ll tell you. It’s Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, and while we’re amazed by the resemblance to mommy dearest, we’re also a bit disturbed.

First of all, Lourdes is 12. And posing “like a virgin” implies that well, she’s not quite a virgin, only “like” a virgin. So that’s scary thought number one. Great influence, Madge.

Second of all, we’re thankful that this photo is cropped as a head shot, because we don’t think we could handle what’s below. Lace garters and a mini skirt? On a pre-teen? We’re trying not to imagine the possibilities.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all dressed up “Like a Virgin” for a costume party or two in our day, but that was when we were 18+, and we weren’t exactly going for the “cute” vibe like little Lourdes. What might Madonna think of this?