BeyHive Slams Madonna for Shading Beyoncé’s Music Video on Instagram

Madonna and Beyonce
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Roc Nation/Getty Images.

When Beyoncé and Jay-Z released the music video for their surprise single “Apeshit” last week, they were met with universal acclaim. The art! The choreography! Beyoncé and Jay-Z snuggling on a bench in The Louvre! The six-minute video, filmed in Paris’s 700,000-square-foot art museum, was seen as perfection by pretty much everyone who saw it—well, everyone except Madonna, who thought that it could use one major change: her face on all the art.

On Friday, the 59-year-old singer felt the wrath of the BeyHive when she posted an Instagram shading Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s music video. The Instagram featured a still from “Apeshit” where Beyoncé and Jay-Z look up at a wall filled with art. However, instead of centuries-old Italian paintings, the frames were filled with Madonna’s album covers, which many fans interpreted as shade toward Bey and Jay-Z’s recently released album Everything Is Love.

Madonna only confirmed this theory with her caption, with suggested that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were “learning” from her music career by studying her albums in a museum. “Learning ………… #art#equals #freedom 🎨,” Madonna wrote in the caption. (Madonna’s original caption was “learning from the master,” which was changed after she faced criticism.)

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Naturally, after catching wind of Madonna’s Instagram, the BeyHive slammed her for disrespecting their queen. Some called out Madonna for comparing her current career to Beyoncé’s, while others used the opportunity to make make memes about how Madonna’s career is dead and over after daring to come for Bey.

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As of yet, Madonna’s Instagram is still up. Though, after the BeyHive’s reaction, the singer changed her caption and disabled Instagram comments. Let this be a lesson to never mess with Bey and the hive.