Madonna Made Out With Drake on Stage at Coachella: Watch His Grossed-Out Reaction


Just a few weeks after Madonna revealed to Us Weekly that she has a secret crush on Drake, the pop icon acted on that attraction in front of thousands of fans at Coachella.

The 56-year-old surprised the Coachella crowd Sunday by taking to the stage for a rendition of “Human Nature” with Drake, when she strutted over to the unsuspecting rapper, 28, and started making out with him in front of the screaming audience.

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At first Drake seemed pretty into it, reclining, tilting back his head, and stroking Madonna’s hair before she swatted his hand away. Afterwards he seemed genuinely taken aback, throwing his hand down, covering his eyes, and wiping his mouth as the singer walked away.

In March, Madonna told Us Weekly: “The lifelong ambition I still want to fulfill is to go on a dream date with Drake—and only kiss him.” Well Madge, you can tick that one off the bucket list.

Watch the very public makeout session for yourself below.

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