Get a Body Like Madonna: Pop Icon Launches a Series of Exercise DVDs

Spencer Cain

 Get a Body Like Madonna: Pop Icon Launches a Series of Exercise DVDs

Global superstar Madonna has launched a line of exercise DVDs called “Addicted to Sweat”—a project we’d heard rumblings about for months, but hadn’t heard from either party involved until now. We’re surprised this took so long, as the 54-year-old pop icon is known for one thing above all: her rock-solid body, and that’s what she’ll be bringing to you with help from her personal trailer Nicole Winhoffer.

This collaboration came about quite naturally. “In 2010 Madonna opened her first gym in Mexico City, and the idea for the opening was to teach a cardio class. She thought that would be a great idea, so we taught a class and the members loved it. She led the class and I was next to her,” Winhoffer explained to the Huffington Post. “I always document the programs I do with her, and we went through my diary and she chose one of the programs to turn into the DVD, which she named ‘Addicted to Sweat.'”

In other news related to Madonna’s fitness regimen, her previous trainer Tracy Anderson (responsible for Gwyneth Paltrow‘s body, and most recently minimizing Kim Kardashian‘s baby bump) has been bashing Winhoffer in the press, so—since we can always count on Anderson for, um, colorful quotes— it’ll be interesting to see what she says about the DVD news.

Regardless, the Madonna exercise empire is off to a solid start, and you can check out the products here. Oh, and also get ready for Madonna’s gyms to hit America eventually. Take that, New York Sports Club.

What do you think of Madonna’s latest venture—does it make total sense, or would you rather work out with Jane Fonda?