Madonna In Nun Garb Hates Hydrangeas, Still Has Fake Accent

Spencer Cain

Last week, we featured Madonna on our best dressed of the week list for her L’Wren Scott nun get-up, crucifix and all. I’ll admit, it was kind of a weird choice – but something about it worked. Meanwhile, apparently something wasn’t working for Madonna at the press conference for her film W.E., when a fan had the gall to give the starlet a hydrangea. She is then heard muttering to her costar, “I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.”

Okay, this video is amazing. Not only is it a ridiculous comment to make on any occasion, I’m also thrilled to see that her fake British accent is alive and well. While she may have forgotten her roots back home in Detroit (hundreds of millions of dollars and decades of ego stroking tend to do that to you), we certainly haven’t. Shine on, Madonna, and keep being so gracious!

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