Madonna Proves She Gives Zero F*cks at a Met Gala After-Party

Despite making a splash on the red carpet in assless Givenchy, Madonna apparently decided she hadn’t made quite enough waves last night, so, in the wee hours of post–Met Gala mayhem, she starred in a NSFW video alongside Diplo shot by none other than French Montana.

The three of them got a little loose at an after-party, and French posted the selfie video to Snapchat and Instagram, featuring the three of them waggling around to the music and Madge suggestively sucking her own finger. Nice.

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Just another day in the universe of Madonna. She also posted a video of herself rocking out in the custom lace ensemble at 6am, captioned “Unapologetic fun”—because, why not? As she put it herself last night on IG: “No fucks to give.” Couldn’t have said it better if we tried.

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