Madonna: Divorce to Guy Ritchie May Come with Regrets


Since divorcing director ex-husband Guy Ritchie last December, Madonna has had quite the romantic ride, dating Yankees baseball star A-rod and now, 23-year-old model Jesus Luz, who Madge apparently met on this W Magazine photo shoot. Now, almost a year later, Madonna and Ritchie have both spoken out about their remaining love for one another.

According to the, the ex-couple have been on much better terms since their actual divorce and may regret parting ways. Instead of discussing their feelings with each other, however, Madonna and Ritchie have apparently been relaying messages through friends (and even the media) hoping it will get back to the other. In a recent interview with with Esquire, Ritchie told the magazine, “I still love her,” but then quickly followed it with, “but she’s retarded too.” Hmm…sounds promising; much like how we handled our relationships back in middle school.

Last we remembered, Madonna was on Letterman talking about how she never ever wanted to get married again. But perhaps she’s had a change of heart? We’d love to see them rekindle the flame, and maybe this time they’ll remain un-bound by law, Brangelina-style. It’s so in right now.