Madison Beer: 5 Things to Know About Justin Bieber’s Protégé

Meghan Blalock

A quick scan through Justin Bieber’s most recent Instagram photos will reveal a few things: he really loves wearing tunics at the moment, he thinks “he is fashion,” and he’s quite fond of the little crown emoji. And then there’s a stunning young woman who keeps popping up, accompanied by Biebs’ personal encouragement for all his fans to follow her: Madison Beer.

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Aside from her slightly comical last name, there’s a few key things to know about the rising music star, who Bieber has hung out in the studio with (alongside on-again/off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.) Read on for 5 five things to know about Madison Beer.

1. Bieber discovered her on YouTube, made her famous on Twitter, then signed her to his label.
In 2012, Bieber found a clip of Madison singing the iconic Etta James song “At Last” on YouTube, and was so impressed by her vocal performance that he posted the link to his Twitter. She basically became famous overnight, and her name started trending worldwide. Shortly thereafter, Madison was signed to JB’s label Def Jam Records. Talk about paying it forward: The Biebs was also discovered on YouTube by his current manger, and mentored by Usher.

2. She’s only 15 years old.
When Bieber Tweeted Madison’s video, she was just 13 years old. Now, she’s 15, and currently working on her first album. Her first single, “Melodies,” came out in 2013.

3. She’s originally from Jericho, New York.
Madison was born into a relatively average American family on Long Island; her father is a contractor and her mother is an interior designer. She went to the public schools in Jericho before she started home-schooling not long after being Bieber-approved.

4. Bieber starred in her first music video.
Justin took his approval one step further in 2013 when Madison released the music video for “Melodies,” making a cameo in the clip.

5. Madison is still relatively new to the red carpet scene.
She is such a fresh face that she hasn’t yet become a red carpet fixture. But Teen Vogue invited her to their Young Hollywood party this year, so we fully expect to see more and more of Madison as time goes on.

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