17 Styling Tricks We Learned From Madewell’s Spring Lookbook

Lauren Caruso
17 Styling Tricks We Learned From Madewell’s Spring Lookbook
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Photo: Courtesy of Madewell

Despite what logic might tell you, styling fall and winter clothes is worlds easier for me than it is to artfully get dressed in the summer: When it’s cold out, you just keep layering until you feel like you’re done. But in warmer weather, you can’t hide a crappy, Sriracha-stained T-shirt underneath two blazers and an oversized coat: Instead, each piece is in plain view, and getting creative is key to keep from falling into a tired, jeans-and-tee rut.

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But instead of looking to the runways—or, more commonly, Instagram—for spring styling tips, we took notes from Madewell’s latest look book, which features both Constance Jablonski and some expert styling tips. And sure, there’s nothing stop-the-presses levels of groundbreaking about tying your scarf a new way, or forgoing socks with a specific cut of a boot, but it’s the little details that made the brand a stand-out in the first place. Ahead, 17 styling tricks we learned from Madewell’s spring look book, as well as the collection to shop now.

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Bootcut jeans aren't going anywhere, and navy blue with burnt sienna is a color combo made in heaven.

Retro Crop Bootcut Jeans in Callahan Wash, $130; at Madewell

The Greer Mule Sandal, $148; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Three points for unconventional belt-use: Just be sure to use this trick exclusively for cloth belts.

Recycled Cotton Ringer Tee in Harmon Stripe, $32; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Drape a neutral scarf around your neck just so for an unfussy vibe.

Pink Coverall Jumpsuit, $148; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Pattern-mixing extends to your accessories, too. Instead of letting the ends of your silk bandana stick out, tuck them for a more polished look.

Silk Lace-Up Dress in Assam Floral, $168; at Madewell

Silk Bandana, $24.50; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Rock a grown-up backpack with a spring-y dress.

The Lorimer Backpack, $198; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Wear low-on-the-ankle boots sans socks to get the illusion of miles-long legs.

The Grayson Chelsea Boot, $198; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Here's proof that red and orange (and pink) can clash in a good way.

9" High-Rise Skinny Jeans Garment-Dyed Edition, $128; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

See? V '70s chic.

Northward Cropped Army Jacket, $110; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Anyone can pull off the newest denim-on-denim trend.

Musical Tee in Rugby Stripe, $45; at Madewell; Mccarren Raw-Hem Jean Skirt, $79.50; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Those buttons on your jean jacket? Use them.

Collarless Jean Jacket, $128; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

If you're scared of print-mixing, try pattern-mixing from the same color family first.

Silk Button-Back Tie Tee in Assam Floral, $88; at Madewell; Eyelet Mini Skirt, $88; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

When you're ready to upgrade to mixing prints, do it with a splashy tote.

The Medium Transport Tote Splatter Paint Edition, $168; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Find a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove and never, ever take them off.

The Perfect Summer Jean in Fitzgerald Wash, $115; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Square-shaped bags are so 2016.

The Marfa Circle Crossbody Bag, $118; at Madewell; Clean Off-the-Shoulder Top in Stripe, $59.50; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

Embrace a single shape—in this case, circles—for a cohesive look.

Eyelet Off-The-Shoulder Dress, $158; at Madewell (coming in March)

Photo: Madewell

Go ahead, we dare you: March your shoes to your dress.

Chambray Cold-Shoulder Dress, $118; at Madewell

Photo: Madewell

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