TATB3’s Madeleine Arthur Is ‘100 Percent’ Down For a 4th Movie 10 Years in the Future

Madeleine Arthur
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To All the Boys: Always and Forever just premiered, but Madeleine Arthur is already “100 percent” down for a fourth movie 10 years from now. “Without a doubt, sign me up. I will be there to play Chris again. 100 percent,” she tells StyleCaster. “I think it’s more something that’s been joked about or maybe a 10-year reunion film.”

In the To All the Boys trilogy, which is based on Jenny Han’s book series
of the same name, Arthur stars as Chris, the best friend of Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor), a hopeless romantic teenager who met her boyfriend by accidentally sending love letters to her grade-school crushes. 

“I knew we had something really special when we were filming [the first movie], but I had no idea it would get to the level of success it’s reached and how many people would fall in love with it,” Arthur says. “To be here talking about a third movie for a film trilogy is so widely crazy and special to me.”

Ahead, Arthur talked to StyleCaster about the first time she met Condor, who their IRL relationship mirrors their characters’ and where she thinks Chris is after the events of To All the Boys: Always and Forever

"To All the Boys: Always and Forever"

Image: Katie Yu / Netflix.

On the first time she met Lana Condor

“I specifically remember the first time I met Lana when we were doing hair and makeup tests on the first movie. I walked into the hair and makeup trailer and she was like, ‘Hi! Madeleine!’ I knew right away we were going to be great friends. She’s so effervescent and a ray of sunshine. Anytime you see her, she immediately puts a smile on your face.”

On how her IRL relationship with Lana is like Chris and Lara Jean’s

“Lana and I are always there to support one another and to laugh with one another and be there through thick and thin. To have a friend like that is so special. To have met her playing Chris and LJ, for life that will be one of the most extraordinary experiences. To have met such a close friend while filming as best friends is incredibly special.”

On her last day of filming on the TATB trilogy 

“Just the knowledge it was the last day of filming made me sad, but we filmed the scene we shot on the last day so quickly and it was so much fun. I was lucky enough that I was able to go to Korea, which was actually the last place that they filmed. So nothing was chronological. That was amazing and I was still seeing a lot of the cast and a lot of the crew, so I felt like I was still fully a part of it. When I left Korea, that’s when it set in that I had wrapped the TATB trilogy. I went back to my hotel room after watching everyone on set for the day and I just started crying, cause I was like, ‘No! It really is over now.’”

"To All the Boys: Always and Forever"

Image: Sarah Shatz / Netflix.

On filming that subway-couch scene

“Carrying that big pink couch and getting into the subway before the doors closed, I got squished a few times. Jumping onto the couch, we were in full laughter for the first few takes. It was so exhilarating and so cool to be filming on an actual subway. The train went in between two stops. It was a filming specific subway stop. The underground part is a defunct station that film sets can use to have people on the subway. But when you see us really quickly—it was probably all of five seconds—enter into the subway and swipe our Metrocards, that was a real active station that, whenever we shot, they were like, ‘No one’s coming! No one can walk into the set!’ And we quickly shot that to get that little part of the scene. That was cool because real people were going all about their daily lives in between our takes.”

On if she thinks Chris and Trevor are still together

“I feel like Chris and Trevor are a couple that will drift apart and drift back to each other. That’s the direction of their relationship. It’s hard to say. I feel like we need a fourth movie to really tell. I feel like travel is in the future for Chris. I’ve been saying she’s always wearing band tees. I feel like she’s really into music and could end up in the music industry in some shape or form.”

On Chris and Gen’s relationship after TATB3

“I really love their relationship of coming to this understanding of each other and seeing they’re not that different and can get along. I think it shows a lot of maturity in them both. New York really helped them see that. Gen is also going to NYU and Chris is def going  to visit Lara Jean, and they’re cousins. it’s a really great place to leave them and see them not as enemies or frenemies but people who can actually get along. That’s really special because they are family after all.”

On what she learned about herself from the TATB trilogy

“For me as an actor, I really got to explore a more comedic side of myself, which was really exciting for me. I’d never done anything in the comedy genre before, and Chris is very different than any character I’ve ever played. She’s so confident in who she is. She’s also very sassy. I’ve taken in some of that sass. I noticed over the course of three movies that I was getting a little sassier. Also her confidence. I think she’s helped me become more confident in myself.”

To All the Boys: Always and Forever is available to stream on Netflix. Jenny Han’s To All the Boys books are available on Amazon.

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