Made: I Wanna Be An It Girl


Is your life goal to become an It Girl? An inexplicably semi-famous party chick who somehow gets to own Balmain, chainsmokes Nat Shermans, and looks like she’s spent all night every night with The Cobrasnake doing tequila shots? (It’s more tiresome than one would think!) If you think this sounds awesome and career-building, then Refinery29 has just the quiz for you.

Dubbed “How to be an It Girl,” it takes you on either a depressing or ego-building journey on whether you have what it takes to DJ at Lit or be in Jeremy Scott’s next Look Book.

Although we failed… (we only have one passport and cozying up to COACD seems kind of slutty), here’s a list of the top five most successful It Girls and those who, well…fell off the Cool Cliff.

Bound to be behind the DJ booth

1) Cory Kennedy- There’s something oddly magnetic about the crooked smile and her penchant for The Cobra Snake.

2) Daisy Lowe- Sometimes having a hot dad, an even hotter step mom, and just being really hot yourself does wonders.

3) Harley Viera Newton- Having someone let you play random music in the LES, and being named Harley helps, too.

4) Peaches Geldof- The girl is named Peaches, is British, and the most entitled human being on the planet; thank your dad, babe.

5) Theo Richards- See Daisy Lowe above.

Maybe go back to school?

1) Kelly Osborne- Sometimes, Kelly, you try to sing and you look like Andy Warhol. Your mom’s more of an It Girl than you.

2) Rumer Willis- Besides starring in awkward movies about sororities, you go to strip clubs with your parents.

3) Nicky Hilton- her sister was too easy a target, and is actually sort of successful.

4) Pixie Geldof- We actually sort of like her (she has a great face), but just hasn’t quite hit It Girl status yet. Potential, that one.

5) Mischa Barton- Epic fail. The end.