Maddison Brown Is ‘Not Answering’ Any Questions About Her Relationship With Liam Hemsworth

Maddison Brown & Liam Hemsworth
Photo: Shuttershock.

“I’m not answering that question,” was Maddison Brown’s response to a Liam Hemsworth dating question this week. But we all know that a non-answer does still seem to admit that there’s something going on there in the first place. Why stay mum if that’s not the case? Well, in a new Dec. 3 interview with Confidential magazine, the 22-year-old clarified her silence on the matter. “My rule is not talking about my personal life,” she shared with the outlet.

We understand where the Dynasty actress is coming from. After all, with so much buzz surrounding the fallout of Liam’s relationship with Miley Cyrus, who wants to purposefully share tidbits that the media can go wild with? When Liam was spotted with Maddison recently, fans went crazy and were desperate to learn more.

Except, Maddison s far more reserved than her beau’s ex, who has no issue displaying some serious PDA with her new boyfriend, Cody Simpson, and posting NSFW shots of themselves all over Instagram. For Maddison, she’s not interested in the relationship spectacle. She “can understand it from an objective point of view why people are interested,” she said. Yet she added that “It’s not really in my day-to-day reality.”

Still, the young actress sympathizes with our interest. “I understand it, it’s human nature … everyone wants gossip,” she said. “It doesn’t really bother me too much. I don’t really pay attention to it.” Fair! After all, we’re just curious about what’s going on between her and Liam, especially after hearing about how he may very well be moving in right next door to her and Cody.

As far as Miley’s own feelings on the matter, we’ve heard that she’s pretty unbothered by Liam and Maddison’s relationship. “Miley is so happy being with Cody that she’s not really paying attention to Liam and Maddison because she knows that is the past,” and insider told HollywoodLife in September. For Maddison’s sake, maybe we should all pretend to be “unbothered” and uninterested in her new romance, too! No promises, though.