Mad Men Season Recap: Our Favorite Fashion Moments


The thing with Mad Men is, the plot is good, the storylines keep us tangled in a web of flashbacks, but it is hard to pay attention without just staring at the clothes. Plus, after spending hours on the AMC website creating your own Mad Men character, you can picture yourself wearing the clothes, too. So, here is a brief recap of last night’s season three finale, followed by our five favorite fashion moments from the past season.

1) The gorgeous Drapers’ marriage might actually disintegrate, due to infidelity and the weird robot-like relationship they had in the first place.

2) We got a glimpse into Don’s childhood via a few flashbacks, showing that the dapper Don is actually a little more backwoods than we thought and that his dad’s death left a very lasting impression on him.

3) Don and Peggy share a tender moment, where she finally gets a little recognition for her hard work. “I will spend the rest of my life trying to hire you,” he told her.

4) Don, Roger, Peggy, Pete, Harry, Cooper, and Joan have assembled to create a new agency, Sterling, Cooper, Draper & Pryce, which we will be refering to as the A Team.

Our Five Favorite Fashion Moments:


Episode One: Have you ever wanted to be a stewardess more? The gloves, the gold buttons, and the little hat, we die.


Episode Two: Joan Holloway a bit more reserved, but still stunning in her green suit and statement earrings.


Episode Seven: How gorgeous are her printed sheath, silver handbag, and chic white sunglasses?


Episode Eight: Dressed in white (ironically symbolic?), Betty Draper is dressed in a prim pleated dress and statement scarf.


Episode Twelve: The seemingly picture-perfect couple in fur, pearls, and Brooks Brothers.

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