MacKenzie Phillips’ Family Secret to be Revealed on Oprah


It’s not news that Bijou Phillip’s family has had issues, and when you’re a part of a rockstar bunch (Phillips’ dad was John Phillips from The Mamas and the Papas), it often makes for juicy tabloid fodder. Half-sister Mackenzie Phillips, who you may recognize from the ’70s TV show One Day at a Time, or American Graffiti, is set to appear on Oprah Wednesday, and is planning on dropping an intense family secret. The only way I know who MacKenzie Phillips is because she was in 63 episodes of So Weird, a Nickelodeon show about a travelling psychic family.

MacKenzie has apparently written a memoir, and so along with plugging her book, she also intends on airing some dirty laundry. Will you guys tune in? Do you care at all? Personally, I only want to know how Bijou gets her hair so perfect-looking all the time…that’s the only way I’ll be watching Oprah tomorrow.