M.I.A. Performs at Coachella


After it was announced that Amy Winehouse was having visa “issues” getting stateside for Coachella, M.I.A. was selected to replace Winehouse who probably wouldn’t have shown up or fallen off the stage anyway. M.I.A. performed at Coachella this Saturday.

Wallflower M.I.A. opened her show with a video of faux M.I.A. protesters, a light show, an air horn, and break dancers in fluorescent costumes. Finally M.I.A. made her appearance and started her set with, “World Town” behind a podium overrun with microphones.

I’m marveling at this elaborate and high energy show considering M.I.A. just had a baby a couple weeks ago. If I had just had a baby, I would still be eating fried chicken dipped in Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked Low Fat Frozen Yogurt (to watch my caloric intake) claiming I still have, “cravings.” M.I.A. meanwhile is tossing plastic horns onto the crowd and bringing audience members on stage to dance with her. To each his own…

While M.I.A. did seem a little lost in the spectacle going on behind her, she as always distinguished herself from the chaos and did not disappoint Coachella attendees.