L’Wren Scott on Her Diet Coke Collab, The One Piece to Buy for Fall

Liz Doupnik

fullres LWren Scott on Her Diet Coke Collab, The One Piece to Buy for Fall

It takes a certain kind of woman who can wrangle a rock star, create a fashion line and look good doing it. We caught up with designer, L’Wren Scott this week to chat about all things fashion. Scott turned heads when she decided against showing her collection during New York Fashion Week and opting for Paris Fashion Week instead. That was on the backburner for our conversation, however, as we dug into what she’s eying for her own closet and her exciting participation in the recent design competition with Diet Coke, Target and the CFDA. Read on to learn her tips, her favorite shopping stops and more.

StyleCaster: How did the project with Diet Coke, Target and the CFDA come about?

L’Wren Scott: Steven Kolb called me up and asked if I would help the CFDA judge this very special competition involving Diet Coke and Target and, as the CFDA is so generous and helpful, it would be impossible for me to say no. It was really fun working with my friends Zac and Cynthia and choosing who we thought had designed the most inspiring t-shirt based off the Diet Coke logo and brand; you know, it is a brand after all! It was really quite interesting to see the different designer talent and how they developed the image for this t-shirt and as a result, the winner, Gustavo Alonso will have an amazing opportunity and a $10,000 scholarship to help him achieve his dream of being a designer. I’m very happy to be a part of that.

What other advice then would you have for young or aspiring designers?

I think if you are someone who wants to break into fashion, what you need to do is just study and work and just jump right in because it’s not going to come find you.  You have to go out and look for it and work hard and make it happen.

What fall trends are you personally most excited about but also in the grander scheme, other trends you’ve observed?

I’m very excited for the fall fashion trend of the coat: the season of the coat seems to be back in full force.  I’m very excited about velvet.  I’m very excited about color.  I like a lot of color, a lot of texture, and I’m kind of excited for fall clothes, just a change in wardrobe is exciting!

Layering is always something we look forward to.

A little sparkle, a little sequin, a little texture, a little velvet.  I’m excited about this fall.  There were so many beautiful collections, so I’m looking forward to doing a little bit of shopping myself while I’m in New York.

So where do you like to go shopping when you are here in New York?  Any boutiques you have to go to?

Yes, there are a lot of places I have to go to.  I mean, I usually go to Barney’s as my first stop; it’s sort of my one stop shopping, really, because you can go to every floor and find everything.  I’m definitely going to go buy my T-shirt at Target because it’s on sale now, which is very exciting.  I feel very proud to have been a part of that; part of the judging of this Diet Coke event, so I’m going to be wearing my T-shirt.

What would you suggest for everyone to have in their closet for this season.  If you had to buy one piece what would it be?

If you could buy one piece this season, I think you should buy a little velvet dress.  That would be my suggestion. But, if you can buy one piece and you don’t have a fabulous coat, this is the season to buy a coat because there were never more fabulous coats on the runway than this last season.  In my opinion, it was one of the highlights.  And everyone did a fabulous coat, just so you know.