Top 25 Luxury Brands on Social Media: See Who’s the Most Popular

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Top 25 Luxury Brands on Social Media: See Who’s the Most Popular
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Social media engagement has been a marketing buzzword for years now. Still, luxury brands remain the most reticent to join the conversation (case in point, a number of luxury brands like Rolex have yet to join Facebook and Twitter). If the success being enjoyed by the brands that are investing heavily in social media is any indication, Burberry for instance, which now invests 60 percent of its marketing budget in digital, that is likely a major mistake. Take Dior and Porsche, who have both mastered social media engagement, spurring sales growth along with it—that is the point after all.
So how did we come up with our list of the Top 25 Luxury Brands On Social Media? The numbers certainly played a large role (it’s hard to argue with the power of fourteen million Facebook fans). Voice and innovation also factored in. We also included brands across the luxury space including fashion, cars, retailers, hospitality, watches, fine jewelry, and liquor.
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Some luxury brands have shunned social media entirely, while others have carved out a unique social voice and found new customers via social channels like Youtube and Twitter. Here, the Top 25 Luxury Brands On Social Media.

Alexander McQueen

It was a big question as to whether the house of Alexander McQueen would even survive after the designer's death in 2010. Thanks in no small part to social media, the house is flourishing. The brand's Facebook channel shows off new items, while its Youtube channel offers a behind the scenes glimpse at the house's runway shows. The numbers don't lie, no one seems to be able to get enough of McQueen.

Facebook: 1,089,018 Likes 

Twitter: 296,631 Followers

Youtube: 726,888 Video Views

Pinterest: 1,196 Followers 

Instagram: 285,000 Followers  

Aston Martin

Most car fans will never have the pleasure of owning an Aston Martin (most of the brand's cars average over $200,000) but thanks to the brand's Facebook page, chock full of porny pictures of some of the coolest cars in the world, should you win the lottery or strike it rich on the latest tech app, your first stop will be the Aston Martin dealership. On Youtube there are fun videos like the Aston Martin driving around in St. Moritz, Switzerland, in the snow.

Aston Martin's investment in social is paying dividends. Last year's social media campaign to launch its new Vanquish model drove a 100 percent increase in traffic to the brand's website.

Facebook: 2,292,408 Likes

Twitter: 54,697 Followers

Youtube: 32,626 Video Views

Pinterest: 1,585 Followers

Instagram: N/A 

Audemars Piguet

While the majority of watch brands have shied away from social media entirely (Rolex, for instance) Audemars Piguet, a favorite of athletes and CEOs alike, have used social channels to appeal to new customers. Considering that Audemars watches are all about craftsmanship, the brand showed off the design and development of its Royal Oak collection via a series on Youtube. It uses its Facebook page to invite fans to events around the world.

Facebook: 190,746 Likes 

Twitter: 15,898 Followers 

Youtube: 415,208 Video Views

Pinterest: 436 Followers

Instagram: N/A 

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman has created such a personal voice on its social media channels (thanks in large part to Social Media Manager Canon Hodge) that the iconic New York City retailer has become a case studio on how to do social media right.

Hodge says of her strategy: "From the very first tweet we knew we wanted to create a human connection—Bergdorf can be overwhelming so we knew this would be the place to show the store’s personality. That said, we still wanted to provide the best customer service possible (it’s a matter of pride for us)—so I make a point to read every tweet and mention and respond when applicable."

Social media is now integral to Bergdorf's marketing strategy. A recent campaign that was a huge success was the #SxBB Challenge, where Hodge wore a different pair of Manolo Blahnik BB pumps (pictured above) during her time at Austin's SXSW, showing them off on Instagram. It was tied to a giveaway where fans could win a pair of the shoes.

Facebook: 209,648 Likes

Twitter: 172,182 Followers

Youtube: 627,464 Video Views

Pinterest: 53,119 Followers

Instagram: 185,000 Followers 


Few brands have invested as much, and been as impacted by social media, as Burberry. The British fashion house launched the digital "Art of the Trench" campaign in 2009, encouraging Burberry fans to post photos of themselves in Burberry's iconic trench. The site had 7.5 million views from 150 countries in its first year.

Burberry's Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey calls Burberry "as much a media-content company as we are a design company." Recent digital campaigns have included "Tweetwalk," where the brand posted images of its Spring 2012 collection before they even hit the runway. The brand embedded digital chips in its latest season of coats and bags that unlock bespoke digital content. As of 2012, the company was allocating 60 percent of its marketing budget to digital.

Facebook: 14,962,582 Likes 

Twitter: 1,730,558 Followers

Youtube: 23,554,370 Video Views

Pinterest: 39,656 Followers 

Instagram: 745,000 Followers  


On Facebook, this automobile brand engages its fans with trivia questions, shows off concept cars that will never hit the sales floor, and gives an insider look at iconic vintage models. On the brand's dynamite Youtube page, viewers get an inside look at its cars, in a clear step to transform the way that people actually buy cars (going to the dealership, no longer necessary).

Not only is the brand a leader in social media, it has been a pioneer in the automobile space by integrating social media into its cars. Its ConnectedDrive technology, for instance, incorporates everything from driver-assist systems to in-dash access to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook: 13,174,526 Likes

Twitter: 98,501 Followers 

Youtube: 58,466,085 Video Views

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram: 216,000 Followers 


While this jewelry and watch brand has given up on Twitter (it hasn't posted since 2010) it is succeeding on two other social platforms—Facebook and Youtube. On Facebook, fans get to see behind the scenes shots of the Cartier St. Moritz Polo World Cup. On Youtube there are gorgeously shot brand videos including L'Odyssee de Cartier, a dreamlike piece in which an iconic Cartier panther comes to life and travels the world. Another social win—an iPad app dedicated to the craftsmanship behind Cartier watches.

Facebook: 1,408,049 Likes

Twitter: 23,885 Followers

Youtube: 40,165,515 Video Views

Pinterest: 2,248 Followers

Instagram: N/A


One of the few fashion brands without e-commerce for its clothing and accessories, the famous French house has seized on a worldwide fan base obsessed with Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld and the legacy of Coco Chanel. Chanel staged a traveling exhibition dedicated to its little black jacket, and created a microsite devoted to it along with corresponding content on Youtube. On Twitter, you'll find brand news. A recent tidbit: actress Diane Kruger is the new face of Chanel Beauty.

Twitter: 1,494,653 Followers

Facebook: 9,068, 900 Likes 

Youtube: 32,432,985 Video Views 

Pinterest: N/A

Instagram: N/A


Chopard is one of the few luxury jewelry brands that has dived heavily into social media. Fun animated videos on Youtube show off items from the collection like the Happy Sport watch. On Facebook, get insider access like close-up shots of the Chopard diamond jewelry that Jennifer Lawrence wore to the Oscars this year, and photos from Chopard events, like Chopard Artistic Director and Co-President Caroline Scheufele hanging out with Elton John.

Facebook: 413,389 Likes 

Twitter: 9,742 Followers

Youtube: 122,083 Video Views

Pinterest: N/A 

Instagram: 25,563 Followers 


Luxury brands should take note of the way that Dior has approached social media. On Youtube watch fantasy fashion films like "Secret Garden—Versailles" shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. The Lady Dior web documentary series follows the life of actress Marion Cotillard, a face of Dior. The brand then uses Twitter to tease new offerings. It recently used the channel to debut new colors of makeup.

Facebook: 11,633,911 Likes

Twitter: 1,992, 095 Followers

Youtube:  87,446,865 Video Views

Pinterest: 27,232 Followers

Instagram: N/A

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

This luxury hotel chain's Twitter account is one of the most active and engaging in hospitality. The chain participates in Twitter chats, and posts news and photos of its properties around the world. There are also Twitter accounts for individual properties, which respond to and engage with customers.

Its Facebook page is all about the Four Seasons fantasy life. A recent post asking visitors what destination is on their must see list garnered over 40 comments, 45 shares, and 475 likes.

Facebook: 156,226 Likes 

Twitter: 64,722 Followers

Youtube: 1,081,835 Video Views

Pinterest: 4,282 Followers 

Instagram: 12,000 Followers 

Grey Goose

Who doesn't love a cocktail that includes Grey Goose? Seizing on the popularity of cocktail culture, this luxury vodka brand shares recipes like the Grey Goose Le Citron Caipiroska via Facebook. On Youtube discover a video series showing how to make cocktails inspired by Oscar nominated movies.

Facebook: 1,358,139 Likes 

Twitter: 18,499 Followers

Youtube: 556,847 Video Views

Pinterest: 615 Followers

Instagram: 5,229 Followers


Harrods has invested heavily in social media, and its paying off. Its Twitter account is monitored 24/7, and the iconic British retailer pays close attention to customer complaints. Other digital innovations include a GPS app to help shoppers navigate the store and an online magazine.

It also succeeds with one-off social media campaigns. For instance, Harrods teamed up with another social media innovator, Burberry, live streaming its Fall 2012 show and giving consumers the opportunity to be a Harrods buyer, encouraging fans to like their favorites from the show, which were then sold at Harrods. 

Facebook: 368,647 Likes

Twitter: 324,267 Followers

Youtube: 321, 731 Video Views

Pinterest: 11,894 Followers 

Instagram: 157,000 Followers 

Harry Winston 

Harry Winston understands that its biggest fans on social simply want to stare at gorgeous diamonds (whether or not they will ever be able to afford them). On the brand's Youtube channel go behind the scenes with model Freja Beha on a campaign shoot and get up close and personal with its high jewelry collection. Discover fun facts about the illustrious brand on its Facebook page including the history of the Hope Diamond.

Harry Winston CEO Frederic de Narp said of the brand's social media presence: "It allows us to bring clients who do not live near one of our 26 retail salons, inside the experience of Harry Winston. In return we are seeing that clients coming to us, often for the first time, are already highly educated about our product offerings."

Facebook: 114,196 Likes

Twitter: 5,503 Followers

Youtube: 323,191 Video Views

Pinterest: 2,480 Followers

Instagram: 17,000 Followers 


The maker of the $10,000 Birkin bag's strategy on social has been to invest heavily in some channels, while avoiding others entirely. On Youtube, the brand's playful channel, includes an animated croquet video showing off the brand's ties and scarves, which is hard to not watch several times. The brand's Facebook pages shows of new launches and utilizes the brand's signature playful illustrations.

Facebook: 1,123,771 Likes

Twitter: N/A

Youtube: 1,382,627 Video Views

Pinterest: 7,285 Followers

Instagram: N/A

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has developed one of the most enviable social media audiences in the luxury space. To promote its women’s Mini Mon Amor handbag collection and men’s accessories this year, the French high-fashion brand tweeted love poems—to and from products. Beyond fun Twitter campaigns, the brand also has an online magazine with content including a sit-down with Vuitton Artistic Director Marc Jacobs. It was also one of the only major French fashion houses to live stream its most recent runway show to foster social engagement. 

Facebook: 13,266,489 Likes

Twitter: 733,058 Followers

Youtube: 27,289,618 Video Views

Pinterest: 15,402 Followers 

Instagram: 286,000 Followers 


Scotch whiskey brand Macallan's strength is Facebook where it recently staged a giveaway of its collaboration with Oakley, The Flask, a $900 food-grade steel, carbon fiber, and aerospace-grand aluminum flask (really a design piece that's essentially indestructible). Building on the success of that campaign, the whiskey brand is now asking fans to suggest its next collaboration via Twitter.

Facebook: 191,683 Likes 

Twitter: 13,570 Followers

Youtube: 89,471 Video Views

Pinterest: 347 Followers

Instagram: 896 Followers 


Fortune magazine at the start of this year called Mercedes-Benz a "social media superstar." Highlights of Mercedes-Benz's social strategy include an "Owner Stories" page on Facebook where proud vehicle owners can show off their Benz to the world, giveaways via social media, like season tickets to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome (site of the Super Bowl), and Youtube tutorials that help owners better utilize their car's technological offerings.

The brand also provides digital content to its more than 350 dealers scattered around the country so they can populate their own social media accounts with all things Benz.

Facebook: 10,008,108 Likes 

Twitter: 138,987 Followers

Youtube: 18,562,581 Video Views

Pinterest: 2,427 Followers 

Instagram: 166,000 Followers 


It should come as no surprise that the brand that revolutionized luxury e-commerce is also a leader in social media. Go behind the scenes with Net-a-Porter buyers as they navigate their way through fashion week via Instagram, watch a video on the brand's Youtube page with advice from a style expert on how to wear white on white, and get a closer look at special pieces from the likes of Charlottle Olympia and Oscar de la Renta on Facebook. Just look at Net-a-Porter's social numbers—fans clearly can't get enough.

Facebook: 1,035,929 Likes

Twitter: 435,475 Followers

Youtube: 3,066,549 Video Views

Pinterest: 35,231 Followers

Instagram: 292,000 Followers 

Oscar de la Renta

"If your customer isn't on Twitter, isn't that an excellent reason to speak to a new audience in a new space?" Erika Bearman, Director of Communications at Oscar de la Renta, pondered to the Wall Street Journal in 2010.

This brand's robust social media strategy is largely credited for breathing new life into a fashion house previously best known for dressing Park Avenue ladies who lunch. Now the house live-pins its bridal show, Bearman posts candid photos like De La Renta and Andre Leon Talley in a meeting on Instagram, along with even more personal photos, like her dying her hair. Bearman has become such a social media star that the event became big fashion news last year.

Despite selling $6,000 gowns to the society set, the brand isn't afraid to be cheeky, a move that is paying off. Last year it parodied the Youtube viral hit "Shit Girls Say" with a "Shit OscarPRGirl Says" video on Youtube featuring, along with Bearmon, various other social media stars.

Facebook: 537,011 Likes 

Twitter: 195,988 Followers

YouTube: 133,267 Video Views

Pinterest: 56,065 Followers 

Instagram: 153,000 Followers 


Porsche is succeeding in the social media game and it knows it. Last year when the luxury carmaker achieved two million fans on Facebook (that number has already more than doubled since) it slathered the faces of its fans onto a Cayman S.

One of its best social media campaigns as of late was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its 911 model, it sent a 1967 model around the world making stops in locales like Paris and Switzerland, while documenting the journey via social channels like Facebook.

Facebook: 5,366,739 Likes

Twitter: 120,386 Followers

Youtube: 33,888,397

Pinterest: 3,003 Followers 

Instagram: N/A  


To debut its Wraith model this year Rolls-Royce came out with a branded video on Youtube that could very well have been a music video. The tagline—"And the world stood still." The iconic carmaker also has a must follow Instagram account, because who doesn't want to see gorgeous Rolls-Royce cars, including drool worthy vintage models, show up in their feed?

Facebook: 942,707 Likes 

Twitter: 29,085 Followers

Youtube: 1,267,091 Video Views 

Pinterest: 557 Followers 

Instagram: 2,209 Followers 

The Ritz Carlton

Laura Troy, Social Media Manager of the Ritz Carlton Companies, says of the hotel chain's social media strategy: "We believe in the old adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.' We have consistently found that strong images which showcase the exciting destinations our hotels are located in are crucial to our social media engagement strategy. Virtually all our content incorporates high-quality, rich media that amplifies the expertise of our Ladies and Gentlemen, the core of all our social content and of who we are as an organization."

In other words, this luxury hospitality chain is hoping its social media channels give fans a "I wish I was there moment." Postcard like shots on Facebook and Twitter of various Ritz Carlton properties do just that.

Facebook: 181,476 Likes 

Twitter: 37,521 Followers

Youtube: 159,858 Video Views

Pinterest: 1,821 Followers

Instagram: N/A

Tiffany & Co.

Tifanny & Co.'s social number speak for themselves, and it was the only brand to score as a "genius" on the 2012 L2 Digital IQ Index for watch and jewelry brands.

A recent standout was its What Makes Love True campaign. The jeweler asked users to submit videos, images and stories of their true love experience. It promoted the campaign through its Facebook page, and it launched a microsite, True Love in Pictures, where users were encouraged to upload their own images of true love, which were then transformed into a personalized postcard for users to send to their special someone.

The jeweler shows no signs of stopping its social media takeover. It launched a Tumblr page last year, which includes some of the chicest GIF's of jewelry on the web. Just last week the brand launched a Pinterest page.

Facebook: 3,980, 684 Likes 

Twitter: 422,064 Followers

Youtube: 1,573,426 Video Views

Pinterest: 8,765 Followers

Instagram: 510,000 Followers 

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot is one of the few premium champagne brands that takes advantage of an enamored fan base via its social media channels. Every Veuve Clicquot event becomes a social media opportunity—influencer dinners are Tweeted and Instagrammed to the hilt so everyone at home can feel like they were there. On Twitter, the brand engages with fans who send in photos of themselves enjoying Veuve.

On Youtube, fans get an even closer look at Veuve Clicquo sponsored events. A must watch is "The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic Fashion Film" created by fashion blogger Jamie Beck of From Me to You and Kevin Burg.

Facebook: 164,836 Likes 

Twitter: 25,548 Followers

Youtube: 105,464 Video Views

Pinterest: 3,085 Followers 

Instagram: 19,000 Followers 

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