LUST LIST: Roberto Cavalli Oversized Labradorite Ring


When it comes to jewelry, who says less is more? In the search for the perfect ring to dress up a simple outfit, we don’t hesitate from choosing the largest, most extravagant ring we can find.

Take for instance, this Roberto Cavalli ring. With this piece, Cavalli has succeeded once again in designing a single item that will surely make your entire outfit pop. With its gold-tone brass feather-engraved surrounding and gaudy oval stone (and by gaudy, we mean gorgeous!), this ring is capable of accentuating even the simplest head-to-toe look. It’s the perfect accessory in our eyes: sexy, exotic, unique and wait.still under $500 dollars? Still a bit out of our price ranges, but definitely significantly cheaper than that diamond we’ll be sporting someday.

Roberto Cavalli Oversized Labradorite Ring, $400, at

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