Lust List – Lose Yourself In Pink Preen

Kerry Pieri

I am of the black, grey, tan and white philosophy of fashion. I love a shoe with impact and keep the accessories to a minimum. I adhere to the laws of balance, wherein if I have on a mini, that mini will be paired with an over-sized slouchy top and usually the word bandage does not enter my vocabulary.

Then Vegas happened. It was time to go to a serious DJ and smoke and lights and dancing kind of club, and I looked at my bag full of maxi dresses, draped tops and leather shorts and came to the conclusion that fashion needs to get a little sexy sometimes. Enter: a perfectly sculpted Preen dress that’s both short AND fitted AND so completely, totally fun. But don’t you dare wear it with anything but an edgy shoe we are not marketing to Barbie here but when Tao calls, you better have a party dress on. Preen tulip bandage dress, $1063, at Far Fetch