Lust List: Erickson Beamon’s Not Your Usual Beaded Necklace


This past holiday weekend was a hot reminder of how easy it is to fall back into the ease of beachside summer dressing. Those heels and glammed out dresses we thought we’d be rocking all weekend? Well, let’s just say they’re still sitting at the bottom of our suitcases.

But if we’re planning on taking a more relaxed approached to styling ourselves this season, that doesn’t mean we’re letting our look take the boring route. Case in point: The perfect summer statement necklace by Erickson Beamon, above. The colorful beads and African-inspired design says bohemian, global traveler and as for the loud colors, it’ll pair perfectly with a simple, basic tee. Or try it with a monochromatic long maxi dress it’ll give you just the carefree spirit summer is meant for. Erickson Beamon beaded necklace, $980,

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