Lululemon Founder Says Some Women’s Bodies ‘Just Don’t Work’ in Yoga Pants

Meghan Blalock

Remember this summer when yoga apparel behemoth Lululemon experienced major fallout—including, but not limited to, the departure of longtime CEO Christine Day—when they produced a line of yoga pants that ended up being completely sheer when you put them on? Well the issue still hasn’t died, and now the brand is in even more hot water.

girl in yoga pants

During an interview yesterday with Bloomberg TV, Lululemon founder Chip Wilson (yes, the yoga apparel company was founded by a man) made a rather unsavory comment when asked why he thought the pants turned sheer (a phenomenon often referred to as “pilling”) when worn on the female form. He proceeded:

There has always been pilling. Women will wear seatbelts that don’t work or a purse that doesn’t work. Quite frankly some women’s bodies just don’t work for it. Even our small sizes would fit an extra large. It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure’s there over a period of time.

So, it’s all “really” dependent on how much your thighs rub together when you walk or do yoga. And we take major issue with the assertion that Lululemon’s “extra small sizes would fit an extra large.” Anyone who has ever tried on a pair of their pants knows that’s just a flat out lie; they’re stretchy, sure, but they’re not magical. Also, their clothing tends to come sizes numerically (0 through 12), not with reference to small or large.

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It’s intriguing to think that a brand whose products are directly geared toward women who do yoga—an activity that, in theory, is supposed to only ever make you feel good about yourself—has repeatedly gotten into so much trouble for saying negative things about women’s bodies. It’s decidedly un-yogic, and shows a certain level of ignorance about what exactly is going on with their products. Update: Wilson has come out with an apologetic video saying he feels “really sad” about what happened. Watch it below.

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Will this second debacle make you reconsider buying more Lululemon products? Sound off below!