Luke Donald: Pro Golfer Answers a Round of Questions


PGA Tour golf star Luke Donald is an emerging fashion icon as the face of Polo Ralph Lauren, an accomplished artist, a man with his own wine brand, and he can boast about having once played a round of golf with Michael Jordan and Bill Clinton. StyleCaster caught up with the golfer for 20 quesetions on fashion, golf, and wine pairings.

StyleCaster: What are the three style rules to live by on the golf course?

Luke Donald: 1) Clothes should fit properly and shouldn’t be too baggy. 2) Have your own style and wear something different than everyone else. 3) Add some color from time to time.

SC: Tell us about your style off the golf course.

LD: Most of the time I’m very casual; I wear jeans and t-shirts. When I have events to go to I like to dress up and wear a suit.

SC: Are you a brand ambassador for Polo Ralph Lauren worldwide for the RLX golf line? Tell us why you chose to be the golf face of Polo Ralph Lauren and what your favorite Polo clothes are.

LD: I’ve always wanted to surround myself with premier brands. PRL has been the most iconic designer in the last 40 years, so it’s a good fit with my British background. I’m very comfortable wearing PRL jeans, but I also like the Black Label collection when the occasion calls for dressier clothing.

SC: What would you wear to a barbeque? At dinner after winning a big tournament? To the Oscars?

LD: I would wear jeans and a t-shirt to a barbeque, a Black Label suit to a dinner after a big tournament win, and black tie attire to the Oscars.

SC: You’re from Hemel Hempstead in England and went to Northwestern in Chicago — what kind of clothes make up your style in cold weather?

LD: In colder weather it is very important to have a big, warm jacket.

SC: You’ve always lived on the outskirts of big cities in Illinois and England — how is this reflected in your lifestyle and golf game?

LD: I’ve always liked going downtown and enjoy city life; it encourages me to stay up to date with the fashion industry.

SC: You are an amazing artist and the PGA Tour auctioned off one of your paintings for charity — what artists inspire you and how is art like golf?

LD: Many artists inspire me so it’s hard to pick one. The time that these artists put into their work is pretty amazing. Golf is similar to art because you have to visualize the end result — just like you’d envision the way you would like your painting to finish, you visualize a golf shot.

SC: What celebrities do you find the most stylish? What professional athletes?

LD: Michael Jordan has his own style, which is different than my own, and he carries himself very well. Adam Scott is another on tour who I consider stylish.

SC: What’s your favorite movie about golf and why?

LD: Caddy Shack — there haven’t been any good golf movies made, but this one is exceptional!

SC: You have a line of wines called the Luke Donald Collection. How did you get into the wine business and what meal would be best with your 2008 Claret?

LD: Bill Terlato and I met while I was at Northwestern. We played golf together and developed a friendship. He suggested the idea of creating my own wine and the idea took off from there. My 2008 Claret is middle of the range in terms of intensity and goes well with cooked meats, but could also compliment hardy fish like salmon.

SC: Music is definitely a big part of getting psyched for sports — what music do you train to or listen to before a tournament?

LD: I don’t tend to listen to music before a tournament because the songs get stuck in my head. However, when I’m working out I like something with a beat. Growing up I listened to electric dance music, but I also like everyday popular music.

SC: Do you have any good luck charms you play with or superstitions?

LD: No, I rely on hard work and a little bit of talent.

SC: What is your favorite golf course in the world and why?

LD: Tough question, not sure if I have a favorite. If I had to pick one it would have to be National Golf Links in Long Island because when I’m golfing on tour we play such long, hard golf courses and National Golf Links is a breath of fresh air and a lot more fun to play.

SC: What are your favorite hotels in the world? Favorite restaurants?

LD: Generally, I don’t enjoy hotels because that means I’m away from home. In the U.S., the Kahala Hotel in Hawaii is my favorite place to stay while I’m away. My favorite restaurant in London is Zuma and Alinea is my favorite place to go in Chicago.

SC: What’s your favorite pair of non-golf shoes?

LD: Other than PRL dress shoes, I tend to wear designer Jeffrey West.

SC: What’s the coolest non-golf related party or event you’ve ever been to?

LD: Each year I get together with my high school friends and wherever we go it’s quite a party.

SC: You met your wife in college — how has she affected your sense of style?

LD: I’ve always thought I had a decent sense of style, but Diane is very stylish too. Having her second opinion is very helpful.

SC: You travel all the time for work. What don’t you leave home without?

LD: My wife, clubs, and a good book.

SC: Who is the coolest non-golfer you’ve ever golfed with?

LD: I once played with Michael Jordan and Bill Clinton in the same group. That was a highlight.

SC: Who would play you in a movie?

LD: Someone who seems modest and shy at first, but is funny and has a dry sense of humor after you get to know him. Maybe Matt Damon?

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