Has Anyone Noticed That Lucy Hale and Sarah Hyland Are Total Lookalikes?!

Has Anyone Noticed That Lucy Hale and Sarah Hyland Are Total Lookalikes?!
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We love a good celebrity doppelgänger around here. You might even say we live for them. And though we pride ourselves on noticing the obvious ones—yeah, yeah, everyone knows Scarlett Johansson looks just like Amber Heard—we had never registered this serious pair of celeb lookalikes until they pointed it out themselves.

Lucy Hale posted a pic of herself with bestie Sarah Hyland, captioning it, “My twin ❤❤❤,” and our minds completely exploded. Hold the phone, stop the presses, pause the tape: These girls could be actual twins. Separated at birth. Raised in different families, only to somehow both beat the extremely slim odds and rise to fame concurrently. Folks, these two are spitting images of each other.

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Right?! Teen Vogue pointed out that this is not the first time that Hale went on the record to discuss how much she resembles Hyland. In an interview with Seth Myers from two years ago, Hale name-checked Hyland as her doppelgänger, along with Selena Gomez, for whom she has apparently been mistaken multiple times. “I’ll take it. It’s cool,” Hale said of the mistake. “I couldn’t tell them I wasn’t Selena, so—take a picture, get on my flight, good to go!”

Indeed. Since Hyland and Hale are such good friends anyway, we imagine that they have a good time with the whole thing—maybe standing in for one another while they’re out and about. Perhaps Hyland likes to wear giant sunglasses and pretend to be a different famous actress, and Hale does the same. Who knows. In any event, we love that even celebs enjoy being mistaken for (other) famous people—and Hale couldn’t be more jazzed about the whole thing. Now we just want to see more pics of them side by side.

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