Fans Think Lucy Hale’s Boobs Were Photoshopped on Instagram

Fans Think Lucy Hale’s Boobs Were Photoshopped on Instagram
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Unfortunately, Lucy Hale‘s relationship with Photoshop didn’t end when she left “Pretty Little Liars.” The 28-year-old actress, who has been outspoken about the drastic editing she faced on the long-running Freeform show, might’ve been Photoshopped again—this time, for her new television show “Life Sentence.”

On Wednesday, Hale shared a picture for her upcoming show on Instagram. The photo showed Hale dressed in a form-fitting yellow t-shirt while holding a giant rain-soaked umbrella. Though there was certainly some airbrushing done to Hale’s pore-less skin and face, fans were concerned with her boobs.

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Many suspected that the actress’s breasts were digitally lifted and shaped to make them look perkier and larger. Many fans lambasted “Life Sentence” for editing Hale’s figure, arguing that she’s “perfect the way she is.” Some believed that she looked so unrecognizable that they compared to her a Sim, while asked “Life Sentence” why it felt the need to Photoshop her body. Some comments included:

“Why this Photoshop on your boobs !”

“Lmao her boobs is photoshopped why so fake”

“Why the photoshop?! Lucy is perfect the way she is!! #toomuchboob”

“They photoshopped your photo so much, you look like a sim”

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Hale hasn’t commented on the Photoshop accusations, so it’s possible that other factors (lighting, angles, etc.) could be at play for her eyebrow-raising appearance. Still, the fans’ concerns bring up the argument of why the entertainment industry continues to Photoshop women in the public eye. There is nothing wrong with Hale’s body. All bodies are beautiful the way they are, so can we end the Photoshop already?

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